Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smiles Yoghurt

 These are the three cups that me, sexy chiu yee and jia ling had.
From top to bottom: jia Ling, mine and CHiu Yee.
Its cheaper than tutti frutti by Rm1..
woo~ and mine cost around Rm7.91 ==''
i had original, mix berry and chocolate+vanilla.

 tadaa~ empty cups!
i'm just back from my Teacher trainee interview this morning. There were six of us (all chinese girls) competing each other for a very limited space to be a music teacher in primary schools.
a girl even bough a keyboard, a keyboard stand and a violin.

 first it was the written test. Normally nobody can answer finish 135 questions within 30 minutes.
YUP!, you have to answer 135 questions within 30 minutes. I finish 135 questions within 15 minutes!
 and then it was the group discussion.
a girl totally nail it but thank god, she wasn't the same subject with us. She blabbers and blabbers and blabbers like a real pro talking machine and i try to chip in making myself looking embarassed when i can't search for words.
everything is in malay, so you cn expect how akward it is when you had that long pause with birds flying all over your head.

but i think i totally nail the individual audition.
i played two malay songs on the violin (i modified it to make it a medley) and then play the piano while singing BABY - Justin Bieber.
so here's my unforgettable question and moments.

 interviewer "knpe tak apply IPTA, IPTS dan MATRIKULASI?"
ANN "IPTS ni, ade masalah kewangan, IPTA ni semua jurusan kejuruteraan, MATRIKULASI ni, semua jurusan sains. SEMUA Tak minat"

 and the weird thing is, he ask me to talk in chinese about my dreams when he himself is a malay ==''
so i ansswer him feeling like i've just talk alien language to him and wonder if he atcually understand what i'm trying to say (coz i sounded more like i'm talking in japanese)

 so i really thought that i totally nail it when he says something that make me leap up for joy.
"you are the best candidate so far"
and when i told my dad, he scoff in laughter..
(totally hurt my feelings man, because i really think i did great)
he said, those who get all those compliment won't get, in fact those who get empty feedbacks are mostly to get.
I was like *(&!(&#
are you trying to say that i didn't do great?? i feel great, i feel like i can get it!

 i went back home, and haha, i didn't answer my father at all..
i didnt talk to anyone.
LIKE SERIOUSLY, what the ...==''
uurugh, ignore it.

 anyway, the course will be a DEGREE. and the only institute with music course available is in KL. the whole duration will take up to 5 and a half years at Cheras, and later they will post you to god knows where. SABAH?? SARAWAK???
hell please no~

so anyway, Smiles Yoghurt is well.~
of course you can't take it to compare with TUTTI FRUITTI
well so far, i think it's quite nice, but becareful not to keep taking and taking all those topping without caring the weight of it.

finally updated something!


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  1. and what if, WHAT IF u get selected for this?...teaching primary school kids music?...seriously?


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