Sunday, May 27, 2012

with lots of love and money

 i think this month i'm sooo loaded.
*money face*
i can't sit still when i have a lot of money in my pocket..i really had the urge to go shopping! you see i can't believe my eyes when my boss counted my pay
i think he miscounted =='' how can it exceed a thousand dollar? this job is easy man, i only got 8 days per month!
but during the process, its like im in a chamber of torture.==''\

 my recent splurge
Liese : Designing Hair Jelly. i haven't 100percent use it yet..though i work hard to make my hair curly again, its just stuck with broom straight.
so i plan to get myself a curling tong so that i can versatile my hair whenever i want.

i'm nw blogging with a swollen eye. there are a loot of possiblities that make my eye left eye swollen ...AGAIN??!

first: maybe  because i watch toooo much lovey gooey between my sis and her bf
Second: i ate tooooo many sotong (squid) last night. more than 20++ FAT squid
Third: i saw one of my student with a swollen i guess she pass it to me..
Oh hell..

 I smile with a grim of pain behind my veil

tomorrow i shall attend MUSIC CAMP . My Johnny Depp look-a-like teacher said it like it will be a fun nice camp, which i hope for, but all i know is about practicing for our July Concert at RTM..(as usual)
9am-4pm in the cold cold cold cold hall with tempting grand piano and a super shinning spotlight drum behind.
super tempting, i tell you, i have the urge to just go and touch or probably lick the drum.

 what i've earn in my old school. A Parker pen, Rm100, Rm20 book voucher, a nice cert and a photo with me and the director of our education system..
mum and dad are both teachers, so i got another Rm200 frm the government
dad is a Kwang Tung association member (i have no idea whats that) so i get another RM100
then my monthly pay which i have just received yesterday
dang, i'm itching to go shopping ==

 how's my lip colour?
i love it!! even though i know it's soooo AMA (grandmother) looking, but i think it's more towards retro where Marilyn Monroe wore it during her days.
I LOVE how STRIKING the red colour is, it's just there.
put me in the dark and you can still see my lips!

 theere, the lipstick from Maybeline Red Revival (meaning SUPER SUPER RED)
it's moisturizing and sooo colour striking, totally in love with it..maybe i should get the pink one..

 the collection of lipsticks in my wardrobe soo far
Left: Maybeline red revival, Artistry,Red Earth@ Sasa, Fasio, Estee Lauder, Wet and Wild (this can throw away ady)

my recent status in facebook : last night eat otak otak with SOTONG, tomyam seefood with SOTONG, a plate full of fried SOTONG
and when i wake up the next day i look like SOTONG

but i still like to eat ...wakakakaka
give you all my love <3

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