Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My photos can be deceiving

 FINALLY!!! BLOGGIE!!! *hug*
this is my "bak pau" (FAT flabby) face if you don't know.
orientation starts sounding like it would be a fun thing, but
hell no
we sit on the chair until our butt hurt
it's worst than staying at home and shake our legs
thank god i finally know how to pass the time
by reading DAN BROWN: lost symbol that look like a book of dictionary~

 Smile with my long long fringe <3~
i change from science stream to art stream since i really do not want to see myself ending up as a doctor, engineer, chemist or whatever related science field.
so my class will be L6 Omega == ''
sounds like an egg brand.~

anyway, three of us, me, Yong and jesslyn were walking to the toilet at Kolej. There were a bunch of malay juniors hanging out at the canteen. As soon as we walk pass them, this is what they call us
"nen nen pau" (which is bra in hokkien)
In The States, they call boys Dudes and girl Chicks.
In Kedah ALL BOY"S school, they call girls BRA??
then what do they call themselves? jockstrap? Boxers? Briefs? (erm, sorry larh, if this joke is rather obscene)

 ahh~ my curly hair~ <3 i miss you!!!

Seriously,  i can't see myself taking form six until next year. I pray hard that this June the UPM result is out and accept me in! i heard that they will promote us SPM leavers straight to DEGREE! faster than Matrix!? like seriously??
because they say music students in UPM is dying and if they do not have sufficient students in that particular university, they are force to close down that faculty.
so they open up for SPM leavers.

 see my fat face!?
on the other hand, i will also wait for this teacher trainee thingy. I figure out that becoming is a teacher is not bad after all == since i'm sooo lazy to work, i rather choose a job with the most holiday offered ever!
work early morning till noon then the whole afternoon till night you are free!
students got school holiday, all public holiday, i'm free!
see? easy job! >W
but mine is music course, so i guess i'll be going to CHeras if i get choosen

 walking the streets of Marina Bay Sands

so first choice: UPM (this is really worth it, since they straight promote you to DEGREE! no bullshit foundation or diploma)
Second Choice: Teacher (music)
Third choice: UCSI/form six

sounds like a plan ==''

 my fringggeee soooo looongggg~

anyway, there was a "big" competition to earn a slot to perform in Hari Guru (teacher's day)
unfortunately, our group leader is a total jerk =='' all he do was to talk, blabber, jerk here and there , exactly like a girl. Our group sang 1 Malaysia while i played on the piano >w<
and at the end of the day, Eze told me that i was very brave..
Brave? why? the piano can eat me izzit?
and here's wat he reply =='' The piano is haunted, during the night, the piano atcually play by its ownself.
wow!~ thank you for the 'early' information ==

love this shot. Looks like there's a blaze of wind blowing over me but the truth is, i have no idea how the wind effect can be produced here.

My MUET exam is this JULY, my PIANO practical test is this coming JUNE 5th, and my theory test is on August.
and i think this thursday i have to skip school again to go back to my old school to rehearse for prize giving day.
guess i'll be going back to take a few bucks! *money face* and this friday dad had to go collect a few bucks from KWAN TUNG association for my result *double money face* and the government give Rm200 bucks to me because both my parents are teachers.

*triple money face*

haiz, tired~~~~



  1. Ops! I'm Dan Brown's fans too><
    And the 'nen nen pau' LMAO~~~~
    My class will be U1 Alfa, and urs will be U1 Omega~

  2. sakurablossoms2411.wordpress.co
    mayb u want to check out above blog before becoming a teacher :)
    piano haunted?!?...nice one eze!...

  3. This is what they call girls as?
    What an ignorant....
    Congratulations for your UPM offer^^
    i worship your piano skills^^

  4. BRA?!
    This is what they call girls?
    What an ignorant...
    Wow^^Congratulations for your UPM offer^^
    I worship your piano skills^^

  5. cute :)

    Visit me!
    You can be that one whose blog I’will advertise for a month. 


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