Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lips of a paranoid blogger

 ahaha, i don't remember how i manage to pout my lips to make it fuller without wrinkling my face. >w< i want to do that again, but aaarrgh, i failed..
anyway, i'm posting this up because this may be THE last post for this week
sorry readers, school is starting soon.

one of my emo pic from previous photoshoot.
hmm..i was much thinner back then..

went to badminton with the usual gang again! LOL!! i tell you, ME, ANN TAN had never do any sports for the last four years.
and here i am battling my butt off, trying to serve, trying to hit
which concludes nothing but sweatness .

 seriously, you will feel good if you sweats a lot, you will think
i have lost a whole load of pound and i'm so proud of it, but then right after badminton, i feed myself with HOLLY GOOD FILLING FOOD which concludes to NOTHING for my diet plan.
i've just tried Spring Leaf's Mexian food egg something something
IT taste awesome, dude!!! even though those tacos were fill with raw vege, woots! totally my taste.
and its sooooo filling, i love it!!! mmm..fill those spaghetti sauce drippping ovver vege + egg stuffed tacos and crispy french fries~~

 i can't count how many times i went out to badminton with them already==
lets see...i think this is the fourth time~~
dude...and after each badminton i feed myself with fat food.
*troll face*
what is the point of working out, right???

 my camera~~~~~~

those were the days~

anyway, i still enjoy OGGY and the cockroaches!
i've been watching it allll day and alll noon and alllll night.
i always though Oggy and Jack are gay though

and Courage the Cowardly DOG still scares the hell out of me

*nails bite*


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