Friday, September 2, 2011


The reason i post these photos is because i really miss my curly hair? I just bought the September issue of VIVI, and i saw Lena's middle length hair..i got excited because finally i found something to do with my hair..

School is going to start in another two days..and i am going to die from fidgetting because i am sooo nervous of my violin, piano and trial exam result..even though it doesn't print your whole future, but it cost a lot of hard work, money and pain..
i've studied for four hours during weekdays and 6-8 hours during weekend..
if this does not work out, i probably go boil my brain..

so, if school is starting, i guess i will only manage to online once a week, and that is on a Thursday night..and it's September! my favourite month, because it's my birthday month and it's the mooncake festival! i love eating Baker's Cottage mooncakes..have you tasted the cheesy oreo mooncakes yet? it will send you to the moon and you will never be deflate back to earth..

my face didn't get any better after turns out it's something wrong with my hormone ? the bee can do facial and it lasted for a month..i only lasted for a week and it starts to breakout again..
haha..such a waste of money..

oh yeah..the photos were taken at Kuantan Beach..the tides are scary and the bridge is faulty

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