Thursday, September 8, 2011


I've just received the news that i passed my violin exam! oh yeah! FINISH! everything is FINISHED!!!so right now i just need a Diploma to teach students..but i did not plan on violin teacher asked me to take Performing Certificate first, but that wouldn't help..i want to take Diploma? But i don't like teaching..i don't have the slightest patient to teach toddlers and kids how to put your fingers on the violin..i probably cry before they cry..

i feel lousy now,my trial exam result didn't reach my target..there is an extreme loop for my Moral and English subject but i am utterly dissapointed in my Malay result..the teacher said i had chosen the WRONG question for essay..i nearly wanted to howl over there and beg her for two exta marks, but my teacher is VERY STRICT..Note: she doesn't give two blinks at any pitiful situation..i've chosen the wrong question, i have never gotten sooo low for my essay marks..57/100?? INSANE!i threw in every bombastic vocabs i memorize and i get this sickening 57/100 for essay..>.<.

I've been feeling very drousy these days..i feel like fainting, i feel like vomiting, i feel soooo tired and fatigue, i feel like i'm flying on air and i almost black out in physic ning took my tuition file for me after tuition and everybody stare at me because they thought i came to tuition without taking anything..haha..and then Nicole had a good heart waited for me till my dad came down from his tuition..she even went to call  my dad, when he is busy talking with Mr.Chong Kam PO ..he remained oblivious towards my sick situation..
and then i went home and cry, begging for comfortness..>.<

they think that i'm not having a proper meal.,but i ate! I ATE A LOT!!!!I  ate until my tummy looks like a big balloon ready to now, they ares stuffing me with food, food and when i'm not doing anything, they think i'm hungry and feed me again..
it's nothing to do with food..
it's my hormone! girl's problem everymonth before they have their stuff..
don't they know that?
it's in sequence..i've track it down..


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