Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dark soul

intense mood..
do you know what's my dark secret?
i am a very easily jealous people..
if you had what i want and long for..
i'll go green in jealous..but i won't hate you
if i hate you, you may hate me too..
but i don't want anyone to hate me..
so let's just say
i ENVY you

if only i had long lashes..oh oh oh..
how i long for big dolly eyes..
it had made such a big difference..
don't be deceive by my make up
i'm atcually a very ugly person..go view my old post and you know it..

I can't wait to be 18..oh wait, i'm not even 17 yet!
time fly sooo slow..
i wish i can fly now..i wanna go on shopping trips with my friends..
they're planning it and i'm hoping for a miracle..
i bring them to the best place in KL..


1 comment:

  1. 成熟♡
    I also jealous you. Because you no need go for violin class already XD.
    Joke la~


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