Thursday, September 8, 2011

leopard or black jeans?

today will be my last online day because i am going to study study study until December 6..
if i'm lucky, i will be able to online once a month?
or maybe during my birthday..
( :

i'm sorry for the poor quality of my's just soo horrible..

I am Ann Tan.
I wanted to write all my test paper as 'ANN TAN' instead of Tan Wei Ann
Ann Tan Ann Tan Ann Tan

so which is better, black or leopard jeans?
I prefer black even though black skinny is a bit out dated..

Red Blouse: shop @ Sungei wang
Leopard jeans: romp
Black Skinny: Romp
Shoe: NeU LOOk
who's that poser?: MEEE


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