Tuesday, September 20, 2011

17 yrs old

the human hair grows 1.25cm each month..
can you imagine how long i'm going to wait till i get long lustrous hair ?
funny how photos can make you look sooooo tall..i look about five feet ten from here..
it will be my last post till SPM..
and maybe on and off i will check in my blog for further post..i won't abandon it, i promise because i'm aiming for a goal  before i went digging six feet underr the ground..

i'm sorry guys, i had to concentrate on my studies..my facebook is going to deactivate soon too..and went my birthday is over, i won't take a single look at the internet because i was ban from it..
i hope you guys can understand and i will come back with fresh new post
( :

My hair has grown..who says it never grow? i compare my newly cut hair with this hair..
it grows a lot till i'm surprise by it myself..
i hope nobody cyberbullied me for being self-absorbed..
cyberbullying is cruel, i've been through that road for two years..
to survive is like kicking a ten tonne stone off your road..

i therefore beg for forgiveness if i'm being too bitchy..



  1. Don't worry, SPM isn't something that is too important in your life, it's just one of the rock you need to step on it when you wanted to cross a river, just a part of life, all the best for your exam!

  2. Thank YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! ( :
    instead of waiting for SPM to reach,i shall wait for SPM to be over!


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