Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogger style (vivi)

It's all about tank tops, babes..and it comes from winged, coloured, and short infront, long at the back, maxi, midi, crop everything you name it..Tank tops is this season hottest item ..i saw a lot in boutiques but all of them seem too big on me..they paired it with coloured skinnies, Sabrina pants, boyfriend faded jeans, and even wore it over dresses..
i'm going to get myself a MAXI tank top.. 

oxford shoes! they always wear it with white stockings, and any colour you prefer..i haven't got myself one yet, but i hope that i can own one soon because i saw a lot of bloggers have one and it is a must-have item..this shoes had been  on the spot for a very long time already and i still couldn't find any..

ahh..this is what i prefer to wear with maxi clothes..i do not favour those with straw thick heels..i prefer this? ..but this season, its all about flats..
there are a few items which i could not find online..

1.a big hand carry purse (colourful)
2. see through maxi pants (i dont like it)
3.pleated midi skirt with coloured skinny belts
4.peter-pan collared non-sleeves shirt(paired with bow or tie)
5.wedges paired with coloured socks
6.long coat that looks like our malaysia Kebaya (lol!)
7.see-through/coloured maxi skirt
9.v-shaped denim shorts
10.boyfriend light coloured jeans paired with white oxford..(my favourite)

i'm not making any statement..just quoting what the magazine wrote =.=''


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