Thursday, September 8, 2011

Make up makeover

fake eye lashes make me had double eye lids..and it's quite deep too! enlarge my eyes and ooooh, i look like a different person..after taking off my make up i look like NOT ME! it's just not me, my eyes become sooo small, it just can't be me..

so i don't need any double eye lid sticker..this works ..

so, tomorrow night i'm going to a charity concert alone with Mr chan and a few choir members ( : we got free tickets to go and watch and i have no idea what does formal wear mean...the Sultan will be going, so i cannot wear anything sleeveless or Short dresses..wearing too cover up dresses look tooooo formal and i don't want to end up looking like i'm going to i have no idea what to do tomorrow night..

I wanted to go to Choir Competition National Level soooo badly..i told my dad if i had good result, he must let me go..right now, my result is not that good compare to mid-year..what do you expect? Mid year only cover up half of the syllabus and it is prepared by our own school it's obviously easier than trial..i really wanted to go badly, i wanted to have fun with them..Choir team members are just like my family member, i wanted to spend time with them, at KL, i want to go shopping with Wei Ying and them all..
i wanted to go BADLY!!!!!
but my dad was firm by his's horrible! i only hope my mum is able to pull through this..
fat chance.. skinny is out of date..but still it flaunt your feet making it look skinnier..
next time you wanna buy a black skinny, find satin instead of normal jeans..

a close up of my face..i didn't put any face make up because i didn't want to further damage my nose
so i've used KATE bronzer and brown shades of eye shadow..
Shesheido Black eye liner
Skin food black bean eye liner (lighter in shade)
M.A.C eye lashes
Maybelline Volume express Mascara
(quite old de)


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