Thursday, September 8, 2011

be a blogger

I try to follow what the Bee said..firstly she said
to be a blogger, you must post pictures at the start of your post
i did
you must put LARGE photo
i did, in fact, i put extra large!

Then she said you must update it frequently..
that , i can't because i'm schooling and my SPM is reaching..
then she said, BLOG ABOUT PRODUCTS..
and i try but i think i fail

Then she said you must edit your pictures..put frames, captions, make it beautiful
i did..but my camera sucks

Then, she said to be a famous blogger, you must put make up..put up your make up photo..
i tried it today..
hopefully it works..=,=''

I've wanted to use Facebook because it provides a promo to your blog..but i guess i don't have large friend circle in FB anyway..
i've tried to put in my links everywhere in it..
hopefully it work..
i know i'm trying too hard..

but i wanna make that dream come true

Blouse: shop @ Sungei wang
red Skinny: Romp
Shoe: NeuLook


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