Thursday, September 1, 2011

clothes wish list

vivi must have..they call it the hollywood sun hat, and i can picture myself wearing it with white lace maxi dress, strolling along the beach or shopping walks. or lace babydoll dress with white pump and big sunglasses..
where can i get good quality and HUGE hat like this?

Lace crop shirt..i can choose this between a crochet crop top too..i like to wear this on a dress..

longchamp..everybody is having it..i walked everyhere and it is everywhere..the fake one is flooding along the market and Thailand..even Brands Outlet had mimic it..i want a brighter red Longchamp..original...

Topshop super pump..holly, i can imagine myself wearing it with black dress, corsets, or ANYTHING..i practically go insane if i saw it at TOPSHOP..

Everybody needs DR.MARTENS signature shoe..i purposely choose red instead of white because i like red clothes item? Dr Martens is very hard to come by..

it's on my wish list..
hope i can get the sunhat..


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  1. where did you purchase the crop top?


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