Thursday, September 8, 2011


I wanted to be old, old means freedom, mature and know how to think..i hate childish things, childish acts..don't get me wrong, but i just don't like people exclaiming in loud voices, i don't know how to describe..don't say that i'm a hypocrite, i do tend to make irritating noises when i'm bored in my chairs, but i am walking towards the older way..
i hope people who are childish, please grow up ..

My one and only slut photo?

I am not the person who would scold people right at their face..firstly, i am a very timid person, and i practically stammer at each sentence..but then there are limits too..there was this girl who ORDER me to lent her my account papers..SHE ORDER me, like it was HER account paper i'm she DESERVE to be given..i scolded her...
i told her don't be so rude, if you want it ask properly..

oh look, who's dear aunt dozing off..

i've a problem putting caption in my photos..the maximum font is 72 yet it is still so small..
any photo editor for nice font to put in it?
the pixlr broke down ..i can't use it at all..

Sepia mood.. 
i'm middle parting my hair..i wanted to see how i look like with it..
it looks like a dumbzeldee..


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