Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekly Story

We'll be alright-Travie Mccoy
I went to see Dr L.Minder Singh at KMC.. because the lump near my jaw never seem to shrunk ..The previous doctor said it was Lymph Nodes, but even i ate antibiotics for five whole days, it never seem to change anything at all..Mummy got all worried, and i got worried because i can't see me jaw (lol!) so she brought me to the hospital and wait patiently for this Doctor to come..he was the one that treated me when i fell down from the top stairs to the bottom of the stair when i was 7 (lol!)

I went in and started looking around...i looked at a pair of scissors, antiseptic bottle, scary looking doctor equipment ..i gulp... "What are you looking, girl?" He he can't diagnose anything so he sent me for a Ultrasound Scan (yes, the one where they scan on pregnant women) at my neck...and i was shaking like mad, (i'm sooooo pathetically scared) dad said if they can't search anything, they might opt for Biopsy where they put tubes in your mouth and dig a flesh out ...ARGH...
The result?
Dr.MinderSingh: Nothing.
Ann: (unbelievable face)
Dr: bo su (in hokkien)
Ann: (What is that freakin lump then?)
my lump is still there..though it had shrunk to the size of a five wasn't lymph node so it might be muscle contract or something..ooh..i'm atheletic..(lol)

Everybody is waiting for the time where our headmistress would change our Enligsh teacher..Seriously, right now i'm ever sooo thankful for having Pn Nusra back when i was Form3 and 4..Even though she's sooo slow in everything, at least we know what she was talking about..we can even joke with her, ask questions that didn't matter with our subject..
my current English Teacher is a pain in the neck...She make me HATE English as far as i know..she gave us LOADS of paper to cut and paste and give us answer without further explanation..and she claimed that she come back from  NEW ZEALAND??(gasp! shock! Horror!) i caught her sooo many times for using the wrong can you use 'ing' after 'to' or 'can'??? and when we argue our answer with her, she skip the question without listening to what we demanded...WHAT IS THIS????!!!!

Student: Teacher, No.2 not 'A' meh?
Cikgu N: No.3, which of the following....

Pathetic...why can't she ever listen to us..stop being too serious..and don't sulk each time she walk past us???...and her malay slang? oh god..i want Pn Nusra back!
This is what happen  two days ago, we were lining up for our KK assembly and i lined up with my group of taekwondo(seriously, i'm the most unactive member there) there's this form one girl next to us and here's how she shock us,..
Ivy: i've been in Taekwondo for five years and i'm still a white tie
Everybody: laugh, (because it was a joke)
Form 1: warh, you five years still white white arh?( we don't even know you, junior.)
Form 1 nudge at Nicole (we don't even know you, Junior!!!)
Form 1 : wei, you mute de arh? (in chinese)

Nicole who fortunately didn't know  a word of chinese just ignore while i look shockly at this idiot..i didn't want to scold her (coz I don't scold people right at their face) but i said "That's rude!" loudly for her to hear..
Then the Form 4 students next to us started to complain about her loudly for being disrespectful to us, senior...Hello, junior, how can you simply simply say people mute just because Nicole owns a soft sweet voice? Huh??!! Then they kept critisizing her till W.Jia Wen came to provoke her..
Then out of our expectation, this form 1 brute scold W.Jia Wen to become a chicken arh...something something larh..That is a very very wrong thing to say to W.Jia Wen..The next thing you know, the Form 4s and 3 come and provoke this Form 1 girl..come on larh, you're just Form 1, how can you simply scold people like that de? We don't even know you, for god's sake!
Then it turn out as a a fight..i look back and see Xin Ning dissappear ady..then i pull Nicole to the back because we didn't want to get involve with the fight..
the thing ended after Mdm Chua found out that they contorted the form 1 in her class..
instead, Mdm Chua scolded the Form 1 for being disrespectful...she never scold the seniors for provoking her..
i mean..the Form 1 is the one who started all this..
she should know the consequence ..

so how's this week story huh?
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