Thursday, January 27, 2011

I don't give a damn

What the hell-Avril Lagvine (brand new 2011 song!)

Go eat dung, you satan! i tell you what, don't you have better things to do then to write and talk stuff about other people?...everyone seem to be a B.... to you isn't it? i tell you what, i had never never look at you..i never even want to talk about you! coz why should i? and start to talk things again..what did you tell to us the other day?
"i really wanna change..i really wanna...."
whatever is had no 'repent' on your day..everything goes around and comes around..i believe in karma dearly..all your sins are going to accumulate and one day, you just know god did something bad to you..

YOu had never see me outside before..the way i dress, the way i carry myself it makes me who i least i don't go around calling other people B***.. i don't make up stories of other people..
If my blog pictures are repulsive to you (which i suspect you read my blog or else you wouldnt say about my over-dressing) then you can just click the 'x' button..that is how i dress and i'm growing up to love clothes like all NORMAL teeanger would..
B****Ing is only for kids who didn't mature themself to think what is the benefit of all this?

I grow up..and i know my wrong doings when i'm 13...I know one valuable lesson not to mess with people and not be disrespectful..I REPENT! Infact, i just want to apologize to all the people i had let my mouth loose at that time..i was immature and didn't know how to think of the consequence..i'm sorry
You should do the same ..whatever it is.
you just make people hate you..
and not making people like you
we don't hate you without a reason
you're the one who started all this



  1. Ann dont waste your breath.
    i bet $100 she doesnt even know what repent means!

    oh if you're reading this you friggin asshole, dont mess with my friends just because im away. you bet im gonna screw the shit outta you. im not that kid anymore. but you are.

  2. oouh LAA LAA, i know this girl *winks

  3. 100$ arh? wait arh, i go check my wallet first...
    erm..10sen can or not? xP

    Azira Azira...>.<


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