Thursday, January 13, 2011

Head to toe

The bad dream-Keane
                                                         What's your hair colour?
Black,duh,i'm an Asian...=.=''
Is your hair straight or curly or shapeless?
curly and unkept
Which hair saloon do you prefer?
Kim Mary?-only at KL
Who's your hairstylist?
The magazines...=.=''
What is your current facial product?
Hada Labo and Boots..i mix everything
What do you use for toothpaste?
Oral-B...(this kind of question also got ask wan arh?)
What product do you use for shampoo/conditioner?
some brand i derno what my father bought =.='' very horrible de..
What do you use for your make up line?
Everything mix up..all hand me downs from my sister..) :
What do you use for normal bathing?
Johnson's baby milk bath? huhu
What perfume do you use?
Perfume+sweat= No it's best don't use
What deodarant do you use?
Like normal teenager..they all use rexona..=.=''
What nail polish do you use?
None! Coz i don't have nice nails to show off..but i had tons of nail polish..
What brand do you like?
Zara had always been my first priority..but it may be too costly to spend all the time
Gucci or LV?
Gucci! coz LV got a lot of fake de..
What is your favourite designer brand?
Agnes B, that is never in Malaysia..) :
Favourite desinger shoes?
I don't have one, but as a Malaysian, i must support Jimmy Choo
Favourite piece of clothing item
Vintage dress
Favourite type of shoes?
Oxfords and solid pumps!
Best jewelry?
imma don't own any jewelry..
Open your closet, what do you see?
a whole full of dresses, blouse splatter all over
Your next cosmetic product?
i really want to take a look at Topshop's make up line..where can i find it? where?
Favourite shopping malls?
Sungei Wang ( : trendy, affordable and fashionable..
Your ideal restaurant?
Hard Rock Cafe? they got all the guitars there! ) :
Country you die to go..
Japan (the ultimate trendsetter starts from there)
Here's a million dollar for you to spend, what will you spend on?
First, i take a flight down Japan, crawl to every shops and malls and i buy the latest trends of clothing ..then i swim back(coz i will be broke that time) and feed myself a spoonful of Haagen Daaz ice cream..


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