Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pink Floral

Crooked Story- Original Song by me ( :
Healthy nose not running anymore coz i manage to catch up with it..
Tuition everyday..i feel like my whole life revolve around teachers..morning, i face the teachers at school, afternoon i face my parents who are both teachers, night i face the tuition teachers..and on weekends, i face violin teachers, piano teachers...URGh, Dad can't force me to be a teacher..i have enough of it! i need a life...=.=''

They had this career survey where they gave you some guides in you future..i tick everything based on arts because i love fun, creativity, and freedom of mind..guess what the paper said? i am eligible to be
1.Cartoonist ( i can never draw)
2. An Arab teacher (for god's sake =.='')
3. Dancer (I stop dancing 3 yrs ago!)
4. Graphic designer (Eew, i don't like abstract)
and finally
5.Musican (at last! my dream)

I'm sooo freakin tired eversince school reopens...i try to yell myself awake that this year school's activity is a no-no..The teachers kept blaming us that we didn't work too hard, we spend time on useless thing..They did not realise what we had gone through huh? Morning-school, afternoon-Extra lesson Night-Tuition..and you're blaming us that we didn't work our arse off to get an A+??? What about you, teachers? you don't spend the whole morning seeing our worn out still have breaks..teachers just had 24 periods a week while we had 45 periods to go through! Injustice!

very tired...
i need a break

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