Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kick me with your flowers

Clock me into a time turner
Schools, Schools, schools..friends, friends, friends...
i still feel very lonely though..
My wish list
  • I wanted to talk to someone who had the same interest as me...i want them to be my best friends..but i can't find the perfect friend that knows the outside world.....i want them to know what is forever 21, i want them to know what is Zara or Miss Selfridge..i want them to know everything i know ..then, i won't feel left out after all... ) :
  • i wanted people to treat me as their best friends, when i am treating them like one too!
  • i wanted to have nice clothes that i won't feel boring wearing it
  • i wanted to have more money to spledge on stuff i can never have
  • i wanted my family to be forever happy
  • i wanted MYSELF to be forever happy


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