Sunday, January 2, 2011

Potrait of a young malaysian

Through my window- anonymous
celebrated the New Year at'' i fell asleep to get myself up to 1utama..atcually, nothing happen there also...there were no fireworks nearby and it was ever soooo damn this how they usher the new year? LOL =.='''
i spend the whole day shopping but i manage to bought only one peice of clothing item...C'mon, where's the life? well, this is how you compare the location at Bukit Bintang and Damansara...Bukit Bintang still rocks!

any new year resolutions? nope, just that i take my sister's compliment quite a lot serious...i realise that i do not want to pick up a career where you can't wear as nice as you sis said that i could join up 8tv quickie if i want to..i was like..."&*%^$&?" i can't speak really fluently..i stutter..stammer and blah..

though, i was still very very late for wishing everyone a happy new year, i still wanna say


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