Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cotton on Galore

First stop: Cotton on, then it was tooooo many people overthere because  there was a 50% galore...Roaring like mad place...sooooo many nice crop T-shirt out and i grab this mini black crop shirt...atcually, i love Cotton on's's soooooo theme-like together with their love love their clothing..some more it's afordable...*woof*..I wanted to grab more stuff because it was like a whole pile of food waiting for you overthere...but it was too many people..too many chipmunk moment.. do you wear a crop t-shirt? First, people normally wear it with a singlet inside because crop T-shirt is too don't want to show off your belly button right? Second, you pair it up with a high waist clothes item..(pictures) though you must be sure that it is high enough to cover you tummy..i love crop just scream "narrow waist and broad shoulders!"

oh yeah, do you know how Megan Fox buy crop t-shirt? She went to the Kid's section..

Crop T-shirt: Cotton on@oneUtama
High waist floral skirt: Cotton On@313
High waist Shorts: Romp@Sungei Wang
Who's that monkey?: ME!!


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