Sunday, January 2, 2011

Viva la Vida

Viva la Vida-coldplay
Happy family...oh wait...where's my brother?
we were glee-ing like mad because we used the timer on the camera to take this picture...
the whole shop people look at us, like we are a bunch of crackos ..they were wondering why couldn't we ask them to help us take this photo instead..haha..but it's funnier like that..see how happy we are? GLEE XD XD...i hope everyday, we would just be like that, frozen in time..

me and my sis..oh god, look how messy we are in the hotel room..=.='' this is what happen when you had one sister who needs to bring at least a dozen of product to live for two nights outside...

She and her newly bought dress...( : me too! just that when i buy something, i don't keep and never wear it..I just can't wait to wear whatever that i bought, and that is why i get sooo tired of my clothes very fast...



  1. First pix is your father take 1 ?
    So nice ~ Happy Family YA!!

  2. Not my father take 1..i use the camera time to take de..( :


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