Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Weakness

HEARTBEAT-Enrique Iglesias ft Nicole Scherzinger
I am now caught with a horrible flu champerone with a sore throat that makes me feel light-headed till i need an umbrella to bring me down from the sky.
I am always prone to sickness...soo stay away before you caught one of my disease!!
huh! it just depends on your immune system..mine is horribly weak ..
i don't understand..) :

i used to be an active girl..c'mon, i love running around, jump here and there like somebody had attach Kangaroo's feet on both of my legs...after 15 years old, i just become like a weak person, i can't do this, i can't do that..i just get dizzy, fatigue and i feel like a jellyfish..=.=''
I don't understand what happen..
I don't want to be sick..i don't want to be weak...
i want to have immune system as strong as a metal plank..
sports are coming soon..
the doctor said it wasn't the lack of blood i have
The teacher can't force me to run just because i don't have a doctor letter to proof to her
she can't do that..
i will faint!
she won't do that, right?

i hope i get well soon..
i hate the stuffy nose! i hate the sore of my throat! i hate the feeling of defendless againts gravity..
i want to be normal!
i want to be healthy..


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