Thursday, January 20, 2011

School School

Waiting outside the line-Greyson Chance
                            (This is how i look at school..=.='' with basket ready to sell vegetables)
You know what? i finally know who's my favourite male singer of all
GREYSON CHANCE!!!! because he's super damn talented..not a wanabe and had really really great piano skills...14 yrs old dude! haha..i'm not that cougar though...but i respect him!

last Friday, me, Jia Wen, Ning, Sandy and Chiu Yee went to the library for our 'study group'..though i can't say how much we study enough..because i went straight to grab the whole stack of 'TeenVogue' from the magazine shelves and started browsing through it..(curse the magazines...=.='') at first my mum gave this firm answer "NO!" when we change our destination to the library..i admit i was very upset with the last minute changes...but dad manage to console my mum and he drove me and Chiu Yee to the library..ha! it didn't open till 2.45 pm...I can't believe my ears when dad said we could go over to CP for the whole one and a half hour...we went over to Pak Hainan..and ordered two french fries...God, i haven't eaten fast foods for more then three months??!! i wanted sooo much to go over Mcdonald and eat everything i Sandy and Chiu Yee went over McDonalds and bought my favourite lovey Oreo Mcflurry for me and bought those springy thingy for Ning... ( : I ate like a big fat baby that never tasted candy before...unfortunately, i guess that's my first and the last study group ..

i found a lump near my jaw...i had no idea what it was...Xin Ning felt it and said my nerve swollen kot...Jia Wen felt it and frown...Amal felt it and said my tonsils swollen...Nicole felt it and her look make me think it was something more serious...Sandy felt it and smile..(i derno why though, or is it because every face expression of hers always ( : ( : de?) Chiu Yee felt it and said : Oh! this one hor? my ear also got de other day ok de larh..

and the doctor said it was a lymph nodes..(whatever it was, it doesn't sound like something you could eat)...she gave me antibiotics and ask me to eat it for the past three days..if things never subside..her guess of lymph nodes might be wrong then...just hope it's really lymph nodes because other terms might not sound delicious enough to absorb.. 



  1. don't worry my sis got that lump loads of times. but make sure you eat healthy coz it could happen when your body's too heaty.(i think) doc gave same stuff to my sis so yeah. swollen salivary glands or something...-.- oh greyson chance is awesome in the paparazzi :))) k...chinese new year you going back?

  2. of coz going back..dying to go back ( : you? be sure you go back larh..take loads of pichaz with you and your sis ( :


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