Friday, April 25, 2014

Foodpanda : ordering food the easier way

i got to admit, i am one of the laziest girl you ever meet
i can starve myself the whole morning just because i'm so lazy to drag myself out of bed and out of the house to find food
normally i just nibble on bits of leftover snacks around the house
but most of the days, my house is like a barren field, no food and i go around crawling on the floor moaning and starving 
(again, exaggerating, i didn't go to that extend of crawling on the floor lah)

then i spot Foodpanda at so many other blogger's blog and i am very fascinated at this type of service. 
when we talk about food delivery system, we always picture Pizza Hut and Mcdonald, but now! you have more varieties from all your favorite famous shops around your location~
now i don't need to starve myself everyday anymore because there is such service that makes me even lazier, but at least i'm fed well like happy panda!

Foodpanda is an online food delivery portal that offers about 300 restaurants for you to choose from . You get to choose all sorts of food (japense? Pizza? Chinese? Indian? Burgers? Malaysian? anything to fix your craving)and let it deliver right at your doorstep at given time. 

they offer services to Ipoh, JB, KL , Melaka, Penang, PJ, ShahAlam and Sunway-subangJaya-Puchong. 

Judging that i MAY or MAY NOT get into USM YET~ let's just say i am already there, okay? so yes, pick the location and Foodpanda will pick those restaurants that are available for delivery. 
Seeing that EVERYBODY knows 7-eleven, and it's such a convenient store to get all sorts of stuff, i am going to target this shop first. 

some shops offer free delivery like Starbucks, Dome, TGI Friday, Morganfield's but 7-eleven charge Rm3 for delivery fees, 
couldn't complain more if you wan the easier way right?

 some of the snacks in 7-eleven~
just add and add and add

 and yeah, i think foodpanda is also great for emergency rescue for things like that. Just imagine you have those kind of days and you are unprepared and you are alone and you can't leave the house because , seriously, how on earth are you going out with blood stains all over your behind?
instead of calling 911, order this online through foodpanda, 
they will deliver it to you within their given time~

you can choose to pay cash either 
cash on delivery
Online payment
i'm sure most of us would opt for cash on delivery without the hassle of going through credit card and all that~
and i'm glad they have vouchers too!
i won two vouchers from two fellow bloggers (hi Kharnyee, Hi Camy), thank yoU! it got me prepared for my university life this coming September (just in case i go starving and crawling on the floor again)

Other than that, you can just browse through using your phone!
yES ! go download now!
it is so much easier , it's like food shopping!

Deals of the week~
check to see what best deal you can get! Maybe free delivery? maybe free drinks? 

pic by CheeChingy~
a cute illustration on how to order from Foodpanda

last picture before i end my post here
haha SO bloody cute lah!

well, Mother's day is coming soon right?
if your family don't like the hassle of traffic just to travel outside and get good food, why not order through Foodpanda?
that be great right? 
so why don't you give it a go?

download it via Appstore~
or order it online: 



  1. I've seen Food Panda everywhere all the time but I have yet to try this service! Maybe one day soon since I'm getting lazier to head out and get my food :P haha!

  2. That's cool.. food shopping~~ haha. :") I can get lazy at times too.. *sigh* Omg, the last pic is so cute!! Soo, which uni are you going to? Are you leaving your home to elsewhere?? Xx

    Chic Nikkie 

  3. Sometimes I'm so lazy too! Haha I can't believe they have a panda!

    Would love if you check out my blog
    Just made various social media accounts too so if you'd like to follow me in any of them, I would really appreciate it! :)

  4. This is so awesome, I wish I could try it!


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