Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Throwback our penang one day trip

Okay, so this probably is a REALLY late throwback post. 
I went to Penang, right after i got my result . so this is like a one month ago thing. hahah anyway, 
this is the first time  me and Dan went to penang for an education fair, just the two of us in my very small cosy car so i really like to blog about it before i actually forgot what had happen . LOL

spot my chip and dale head rest ? haha
anyway we went to penang pretty late around noon because we have to go take our result first . 
no idea why Dan was so moody in the car , LOL
probably me fussing here and there again, 
*hamster face*

the education fair was held in Traders hotel, yeah, it's the same FACON edu fair . A lot ask us why we didn't go to Alor Star's edu fair, because it's the same edu fair, but nah, same edu fair but the quantity of the booth really differs a lot. Besides, i'm going there to visit NUS and NTU anyway~ 
didn't get much info anyway, all those info can be read online but i did get a whole lot of brochures. 

Dan got pulled to one booth and i know it was a big mistake to sit down and hear the guy blah blah blah on his university. Private university LOL and you have to study in indonesia and after that we found out from one fellow friends saying about this particular university is really not a good one. ><
then i kept pestering Dan to go approach this two pretty russian ladies at one "study in Russia: Medic" booth. 
Dang, the fees were really CHEAP! both of us were really attracted to it, but later we search , they need us to study Russian language. 
i look at Dan " you're not going there to marry one Russian babe izzit?"

anyway we went to Gurney after that. we were feeling a bit famish, so we had subway. Then we scooted off to Gurney Paragon ( because i am madly in love with Sephora) went to buy one NYX lipstick and spent the whole time there painting lipsticks on my hand. LOL
Dan was  big help, he kept chosing me weird color lipstick which looks alright for him but totally not for me~
anyway, i really like to thank him for accompanying me to shops after shops. 

our last big dinner was at Chilis! 
i always wanted to try Chilis and dang! the food portion was really HUGE!
i regretted not sharing with him, because he himself, a big eater, cannot finish his food. 
instead we wrap it all back home . 

this was my order~ ate only one and it took me ages to gobble it down. 
Don't get me wrong, it taste superb, but after eating Subway two hours ago, i really cannot finish this huge platter of sandwiches. 

while waiting for our food~

an ootd shot 
at the end of the day,i do not like the dress at all, totally unflattering, so i sell it off. 
anyway, i really like to have a VERY nice OOTD shot where my legs look slim and tall, and everything looks picture perfect, but DAN is totally hopeless in snapping pictures. 
SERIOUSLY, it's either too dark, too near, where's my feet? ,blurry, bad angle, FAT, FAT and FAT. 
but i really really wish i have a very nice breathtaking ootd shots everytime i doll up or something, because that may be the last time i wear that particular clothes. 

ya that's it
just decided to post this because i have nothing to do at home
all i do is 
2. Looking at clothes
3. Tetris again
4. read 9gag
5. Tetris again



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  2. So gorgeous! Great photos

  3. awwww. so sweet, date all the way to penang! :D

  4. I love your shoes! Hopefully you had fun in Penang and found some useful information!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  5. I have that same issue about photos with you! My boyfriend isn't very good with taking photos as well, and sometimes I need to force him to help take outfit shots for me especially when I really like what I'm wearing on that day! Hahaha. Anyway those food look super yum! And the serving is really big. Wow. And over here in Singapore we also have universities called NUS and NTU. I wonder if they're the same? :)

  6. Oh very cute pics very lovelies!
    Your dress is very pretty!
    Comment to me back, to keep in touch~

  7. hey i love your dress!!! my fave color for clothes is navy blue and it's totally perfect for that cut!

  8. You and Dan are so cute :)

  9. Very cute post!! <3 You're so lucky and all the best for both of you ^^ hahaha.
    In my case, the boy shops more than me (?) I guess XD hahaha
    So, have you had any plan on which uni you plan to enroll?

  10. I got the same dress! but mine is in pink! :D


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