Monday, April 14, 2014

Bon Bon Ya cafe at Alor Star

morning peeps!
okay, to be frank this is the VERY first time i'm doing an official food post after deciding to become a food blogger two days ago. nah, i'm still sticking to be a fashion blogger, just that it'll be fun to diverge to another genre of blogging. 
so the cafe i pick to review on is Bon bon ya, a new cafe in my remote town : Alor Star

and because the whole cafe looks so vintage look-a-like, i decided to filter all my photo with Pixlr. and for the first time i actually think my Olympus EPL5 did quite a nice work, 
(trust me i loathe that camera ever since it's so yellowish in tone , but then i figure out how to de-yellowish <-- a="" even="" font="" is="" that="" word="">

the interior design is pretty impressive, although the space for the shop is really small, but it's cosy and that is what cafe suppose to be like anway. 
cosy and comfortable. and spot the brick wall behind there? 
BEST WALL for an OOTD , but NO place for the photographer to snap a GOOD ootd anyway. haha
they have books, lots of books! although the wifi system is still off the rail, but yeah, encouraging people to read with lots of books piling up every side and corners are great. 

another small corner of the shop. 
everything is so cosy and lovely!

but now let's talk about food and drinks
Dan and i ordered caramel cappuccino, something like that  (erm , gosh, i'm a lousy food blogger, i can't even remember the name of this drink)
taste okay to me (; but the price is pretty cheap compare to other cafes that offered the same type of coffee

i'm a big love for waffle and ice cream. 
everytime i walk past any swensen shop, i'll be ordering it. so this is a MUST HAVE when i come to this shop. 
it taste exactly like my mum's waffle haha, buut it is pretty crispy which is great, because nobody like to eat 'lembik' waffles. 
(damn all the capalang words come out ady, haha "lembik" is soft as in liveless like a wilted flower)
it looks pretty 
but i wish they make the ice cream portion bigger because since they are serving four pieces of waffles, it's not enough for one scoop of ice cream though~

they have cheese cake too, and pizza which i have yet to try it 
though i wish they broaden up their cakes varieties too
like offer more cakes because cakes and coffees are like brothers and sisters. 

tried my very first photography 
take Dan as my model. haha
the ambiance is really good, just something you wish to escape from the normal hectic city life outside the shop. 

and guess what!?
o ya fail self timer shots. hahahaha
instead of reading all the books pile up there for us, we took the whole stack of it place it on the table as a "camera stand" for me to take a nice shot with Dan. 
Dan was like "quickly! quickly! omygawd so embarrassing" 
yeah. when it comes to taking photos, i have this thick face to pose regardless if there's people staring at me or not~
but because Dan was there and i didn't wan to embarrass him more, i fail to take any nice shots with the other props of the cafe . wuwuw(i want take an ootd with the brick wall)

ootd for that day~
white shirt: H&M
Shorts: one of the online tenants in ISquare @ Gurney
Shoes: Happy2u
brown bag: Persunmall

location of Cafe
(i myself cannot find this shop at all, me and Dan counted the numbers on each and every shop till we reach lot 129)
so i guess you just have to start from Watson and count till you reach number 129)

  • No 129, TKT 1 Kompleks Perniagaan Sultan Abdul Hamid
  • 05050 Alor Merah, Kedah, Malaysia



  1. they invite you for food review? :D. anyway, the shop memang banyak feel! i likeee! :D good for study or reading! :D

    1. bukan lah hahah, just happen to go there dating, so just snap some pics haha

  2. Yay I love cafes! This one really has pretty interior decorations! And omg. They even have books for their customers. Total winner! Your waffle looks really yummy too. And I agree that one scoop of ice cream is never enough :P

  3. 05050 Alor Merah???
    Alor Setar la Ann... Hehe!

    1. i copy from their website wan, it's alor merah lah .__.

    2. alor merah is adjacent to taman golf there~

  4. I've been away but now I am back and it's good to read one of your blogs again! Hope you can also read my new blog post ;)

    I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday. (My weight loss journey):

    Stay beautiful! :-**

  5. Great pics dear!

  6. Such a cute little place! *_*

  7. the waffle is so tempting :3

    can't wait for your next food blog :)

  8. Hi Ann! Thanks for the comment on my blog. That brick feature wall sure can be the perfect place to snap an OOTD!
    Do you mind if we follow each other? It's great if we can become friends too! I followed you on Bloglovin and Lookbook. :)

    xxx MODEmoiselle
    or connect with me via Instagram :)

  9. Looking stylish! Love your outfit and your white shoes the most! :)

    xoxo' Dipika

  10. Love your outfit Ann and the waffles looks pretty tasty. And its nice that you'll be blogging food too, i could learn from you :)

    Visit my blog:

  11. Cute pictures. Looks delicious X

  12. omg the waffles look super yummy! And you guys look so lovely together :)

  13. I love the outfit. Nice pictures and nice food blog post. You're so pretty! :)


  14. great post dear :) I like your photos :)kisses


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