Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cafe hunting night: Caffe Diem

Okay, i believe i had abandon my blog for two weeks *guilty*
truth is, my internet has been down for about 5 days so i cannot update any post at all~ grrr 
anyway this will be my second food post and it happens that there is a newly opened cafe down town and i'm like dying to go because the ambiance is so nice~
it looks like something along penang old street where you spot all sorts of vintage looking cafe around~ yeah
and Alor Star has one! how cool is it~

the front of the shop, 
you can sit behind of the shop too, there are spaces available behind but i guess it'll be around one big round table, one table locked inside a room and a square table outside and a looonnng table against the wall. 
because we came with a number of 6 , we have to sit outside with conjoined table~ that night was pack with people, so i was a little bit shy to take more photos~

candid shot~
i review on the food later, lets check out the cafe~

really like penang lah, they even have street art INSIDE the building~
The shop is a bit narrow, but cosy so nevermind, haha

hi Dan, 
okay lah, i don't really like to take empty pictures with no human being inside, so i force Dan to pose for me even though he was like "quickly quickly! got people looking! " 
it's not really organized yet, they should at least cover up the things that they store behind. 
you know, make it look more pleasant (;

i'm not really a coffee expertise , all coffee taste the same to me, (what a lousy food blogger, i know) all i care is the outlook and is it even drinkable. 
Haha, but i the aroma of the coffee has already awaken me, you know i went to many cafe and none have that kind of rich aroma that arouse you (arouse as in the sense of make you happy and feel excited to sip it, not in the sense that you would jump into bed with anyone around there, LOL)

this is special, i haven't taste it before,
it's lavendar+coffee, 
and the shop people were so kind to warn us that those who doesn't really know how to drink tea is not advisable to drink this, guess the tea is stronger than the coffee, 
but Yi Hui , who is a tea expertise ordered this with no doubts, 
so yeah, everybody wanted a sip to see how it taste like
true, i don't think i can bottom up this drink~ haha

some snacks~
this is their wings, wings, wings, wings
ya, their menu goes like this~
imagine going up to the person and say 
" i want wing wing wing wing" 
*troll face*
so it's like four chicken wings coated with honey~
i didn't get to try it but my friends were like licking their fingers after that
so yummy
price is : Rm10.90 for four chicken wings

then i got hungry again
seriously i have no idea what is eating all my food inside my stomach, 
so i wanted something light and easy to eat, 
i ordered this fish fingers with their sauce, 
the sauce was mama mia! 
i give this five stars haha
anyway i wanted to try the grill cheese sandwich badly, but because it was kinda late already and cheese is so fattening, i vowed that i am coming back this time to eat their sandwich! *pinky swear*

price for fish fingers: Rm9.90
and oh yeah, their sandwiches is : Rm14.90

their shop opens from 11.59 am to 11.59 pm (very weird coordination but makes it even special)
situated at Pekan Cina, 
yah, people will be like " where da hell am i going to park?"
no, no , this shop is more towards the main road, and they have parking lots around there, and it's not a narrow road , it's quite big and spacious
if you still can't find parking lots, 
walk lah! *meme laugh*

Mother's Day is coming soon, 
don't know what to get for your mother?
go Romwe to enjoy up to 70% discounts for more than 1500+ styles!
i waaaannntttt
i mean , even though it's for mummy, i still wish i can buy for myself too
date starts: 6/5-12/5
so hurry up!
that's like another five days only!



  1. The coffee looks good!! I hate it when my internet goes down. :(

    Tara x

  2. Looks great! Very nice blog you have, keep posted!

  3. pretty pretty pics and yummy yummy food. Thanks for visiting my blog again.


  4. Such a cute look girl! And yum, the coffee looks soo good~ LOLOL at Dan's reaction- whenever my sis is taking pics of me, she always feels awkward to take the pics and I'm like: "you're not even the one posing, and I'm not even embarrassed yet!!" xD yummy food girl- hope you had an awesome time! xx
    Chic Nikkie

  5. Love this post! Those photos on the paintings on the wall are so cute


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  7. Cute place!!! :) Have a nice day dear!!!

    Lucia Gallego Blog

  8. Nice place and delicious food! :)
    I just found your blog and I really like it! :)

    Would you like to follow each other via GFC, Bloglovin' or Facebook? :) That would be awesome!
    Just tell me on my blog and I'll follow you back for sure! :)

    XX, Sara.


  9. Followed you back:)
    Have a wonderful weekend:)


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