Monday, April 7, 2014

Dentiste Premium White toothpaste plus toothbrush review (Hishop)

This is my first time reviewing a toothpaste and a toothbrush product, 
seems kinda fresh for a start, but i got the chance to review this from Hishop!
it's a brand call Dentiste and it is a product that promise you a healthy whiter teeth after using it. 

well my mum use to say whitening products are bad for your teeth as it will thin out the teeth making it not as strong as it used to be. 
but Dentiste has promised it's customer that it will be safe for all users. 

front of the toothpaste . 
RM25.90 at normal price
hishop at the moment: Rm18.13 (14 days launching)
what it promise us: 
  1. whitens teeth within 2 weeks
  2. visible and long lasting
  3. safe to use by using White Nano HAp

the details behind . 
Dentiste is effective for removing stains on your teeth, not only that they will PREVENT stain decomposition but also restore natural gloss on the teeth enamel. 

so let's talk about issues around the world
a lot of people want to have bright white teeth so that when they smile, it seems approachable and pleasing to look at. 

numerous time my mum use to nag me saying that i didn't brush my teeth properly, but in truth, EVERY braces people will encounter it. 
you see, we wore braces for approximately 3-4 years and only surviving on brushing it with the normal tooth brush and the small little screwdriver-look-alike toothbrush. 
We couldn't wash those parts where the brackets are covering it. 
"brackets are those metal-looking fat plates that stick on your teeth to hold those wires"
i was given this milk looking toothpaste right after i remove my braces once and for all and the nurse told me it's because i haven't brush the part that has been covered with brackets for 3 years, my teeth will look yellowish. So this toothpaste supposingly helps in brightening the teeth. 

erm, but it's still there, didn't work much though~ ):
so when Dentiste came along, i decided to try it ~

their toothpaste! the handle is so smooth and easy to hold. though i do not find anything special for the toothbrush head. haha

What the toothpaste looks like
typical toothpaste haha. 
well the toothpaste taste just like your ordinary toothpaste. i'm a bit worried how the toothpaste may taste like because i myself have tried various types of toothpaste. From your basic Darlie, Colgate to Oral-B, Himalaya, sensodyne and weird brand that starts with the letter 'p' and have a 'y' and ends with dyne at the back, LOL
of all i find Sensodyne's toothpaste taste really weird . but Dentiste toothpaste seem pretty normal (: 

tadaa! the result!
they promise 2 weeks of result, but guess what? i got it through one week. 
it looks whiter and cleaner! although instant whitening effects may still scare me . but the results are really quite satisfying~
so yeah
get the product here: 

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  1. Your teeth look amazing! Great review...but what are the ingredients? :)

    xo Azu

  2. wow, great result dear!

  3. omg the result is awesome Ann!! You're teeth look so white *-* I suddenly want to take better care of my teeths too, I just checked them out in the mirror and I definitely need to get more whitening products xD wow your teeths look awesome I can't stress about it enough times lol. Thanks for this review, I will check this out on their website and let's see how much shipping is! :3


  4. OUAW! Looks great! X

  5. Wow it really worked! Your teeth are sparkly :)) Will follow you via bloglovin now, hope you can do the same.



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