Monday, April 21, 2014

Random blabber

hi, so this will be just another random post
truth is, i felt a little bit quesy now writing this
because i've been playing battle camp on my phone all day and staring at facebook for whole morning
that's why i rather drive out every morning to work out or at least stare at Dan's duck mouth

dress: H&M
burgundy color hat: Oasap
Shoes: Jollychic

but first let me take a selfie~

anyway i'm here to blabber a few complaints. 
being an online seller is tough, you'll meet all sorts of people, 
and yeah here's a part that amuse me, i still remember a girl name A from Instagram,she follows both my online shop and my personal account too. 
she added me on wechat and at first she was friendly. first she compliments me that i have a great blog, blah and blah and then once i gotten quite friendly to her


 even if someone wants to be you friend, NOTHING IS FREE
because there's always something behind every veil
"hi do you need help in promoting your shop? you can sponsor me some of your clothes, i can promote it for free.."

i told her "Sorry i'm just starting so i don't plan to sponsor anyone yet" well at least i answer her (politely, i hope)

and she pushes somemore , (really gets into my nerve sometime)
"hi do you mind promoting my instagram ? i will do the same for you too! *smiley face smiley face*"
i didnt reply her this time, i think she pushes too far already, 
i deleted her off my wechat friend
and one week later she unfollowed me on instagram

okay, i'm not here to judge her or what seeing me, myself has less than 1k followers on Ig and i am not a social influencer as big as xiaxue or drop dead gorgeous like Chuckei, but i myself is a store owner, so i have the right to choose who i want to sponsor and who i don't want to~
if you ask just like that, it sounds very thick face and it might sound that you're very desperate anyway~

like everytime i look around instashops i will see the SAME girl commenting on one of their pictures saying " hi i am a blogger, i can do sponsorship/advertorials ...(something like that , i can't exactly remember what she wrote anyway)

where's your face, girl?

there are two polite ways to do sponsorship anyway~
1. if any company wants you, they will automatically contact you
2. if any company is searching for people to get sponsored, then only you join lah~
don't sendiri barge in without people asking, it's a bit rude and we feel very pity for you~

i sound very mean here ): may god forgive me, LOL.  but i don't want her to appear again in any other blogshops or instashops. 

so last week was a full busy week
at least i have something to do haha
i went back to my old school and became the pianist again to lead my old choir members. 
abit sad that mostly are new members 
i took this picture because i looked so mini there 
like i'm back being 17 again! haha
well , we lied to the VIP  by deceiving them that i'm a student there
but truth is i've already graduated from there three years ago
(suddenly feel like an old toad banging on the piano)
but it's Mr Chan (our dearest music teacher who formed this group with his bare hands) last year conducting this choir group
i really do hope they make him proud in their next competitions. 

this is what i've been playing all week
at first Dan downloaded it and i didn't give two hoots about it, thinking that it is just another regular RPG boys' game. 
but when he said it's something like Pokemon, 
i know i have to try playing it 
and he's right
i'm stuck at training my 'monsters" like a mad witch
and darn, how i wish they give us more energy then just constraining us with 5 energies per game. 
SAD like a dog
but at least it doesn't get you hook if it's so energy constraint 

last of all, i have finally cut my hair!
no more curly broomhead, i felt a bit lighter after the hair cut like i have just mown off the mosses around my head. 
anyway, the new hair (right picture) is just a temporary big curl, so i don't know what will happen after i washed it. 
hope it won't go out of shape

and here's a little announcement 
i got accepted to NTU of Singapore!
at first i was happily rotting on the bed till my cat friend phone up
he told me he got accepted to NTU and ask me to check if i got any emails from them
i checked, 
and yeah
big bingo!
but i got Economics instead of communication studies
a bit disheartening there, because i am engrossed with any media related fields , i cannot picture myself studying economics and working it for the rest of my life
(even though i DO have a liking for it back in high school because it was the easiest subject to comprehend back then, but THIS is economics in Singapore, god knows what kind of dinosaur theory i have to study)
but on the other hand
Singapore government university is very hard to get in,it will still be a big hole in the heart if i let it go ~
even though is government uni, it's still expensive
even though i am eligible for subsidized loan, it's still darn expensive
even though i can get loan from any institutions, it's still bloody expensive
so am i going to study something that i have to pay so darn much for?
my heart is such a hypocrite
a part wanted me to go because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity
(i mean people are dying to go there, and i can just let it go )
a part wanted me to stay back here in Malaysia and have a relax and stress-free life , no money matters , no pressure to achieve 3.5 above, no pressure to compete with other smart people like the Singaporeans or China citizens. 

i still have two weeks to think before accepting the offer.
hopefully i make the right choice



  1. 1. I agree that the girl is very shameless. =X
    2. Also agree that you can choose who to sponsor.
    3.You're gorgeous in your own way ok!
    4. About studying... I think if you get a chance to study overseas at a renowned school, you should take it. =X Because unless you go to government uni, studying in private uni/ colleges here are not really cheap anyway.

    1. wow thank you! well singapore uni is still more exp than private uni here , really darn expensive because of the cost of living~
      but anyway thanks for the lovely comment! (:

  2. First of all, let me just say that I love your hat! And I will be looking for one just like it lol. Second of all, that dress is amazing! I love the print and it's very slimming and flattering I think. You look great!

  3. omggg congrats being accepted, but still think properly whether u want it or not ba :) my friend from form 6 also headache to stay in sg or be back :/. and i realy salute the girl lorrr! at least i wont dare to do so :/

  4. Hi Ann reading that story about that girl, I have to say I would do exactly the same thing and RANT about it too! I do not like people that keeps pushing esp asking for free stuff like that!!

    Nice dip dyed hair babe and lovely look
    Yesh I do believe you will make the right choice. dont rush. sleep on it and weigh the options

  5. follow you:) I'm waiting for you:)

  6. You look great on that dress

  7. Congratulations on the offer! I love your hair cut and the pictures with the dip dye are amazing! x
    My Lush & Body Shop Haul! | Freya's Fashion Chapter

  8. Haha, I hate those mornings when you start playing on your laptop or phone and you suddenly spend like 3 hours on it!! >.<" Wastes all your time and energy.. *sigh*~~ but congrats on getting into that university!! I received offers of admission from 3 universities but I am still considering and hoping I can make the right decision.. I need to keep my marks up if I want to enter the university... if I accept the offer from one of them but my mark is still not good enough at the end, I won't be able to get into it, which is quite a hassle. >.<" Good luck to both of us!!!

    Chic Nikkie

  9. Very nice platform shoes!

  10. Wow that girl really sounded desperate :\ glad you made the correct move by deleting her off! Anyway although your long hair looked pretty on you, the new haircut really suits you well!! (From what I can see from the photo :P) and that game scenario is so familiar to me. hahaha. My bf always downloads games on his phone and when he shows them to me i don't care about him but a few days later i'll download and get addicted to it! Haha xD

    Great outfit too! It's so flattering and shows your curves! :) Anyway, good luck with making the choice regarding the uni! :)

  11. Haha, I feel that I know this A person, lol! And congrats on being accepted in uni babes! :) About the course, think well and hard, and dont rush into it.. Speaking as an "older" person haha, any decision you make now will affect your future, so do think hard! :)
    Talking to people who've been through your situation will help <3

  12. the game looks so fun!
    Congratulations for your acceptance :) Good luck with the uni life!


  13. I love love your hair; so cute! Sorry to hear about that experience with "sponsorship"! D:

  14. Keep moving, ann :)
    I know you can do it well.. Good luck ^^

  15. Hi Ann! I totally agree with you about those people that self promote on blog shops like that. If people want to sponsor you, I believe they will find you themselves. Throwing yourself out there like that really puts other people off >< and omg congrats on getting accepted for NTU!! Just decide on what you think will be best for you :DD Good luck!! Followed you too by the way ;)

  16. Great Post & lovely Blog:-)
    I follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin.
    Hope you follow back♥

  17. I totally agree with this actually! I understand people who email bigger, more established stores for sponsorships, but I have an online store as well, which is actually very small. And I've received some emails where people go, 'I am giving you the opportunity to sponsor me' like they are doing ME a favour. It's very annoying!

  18. i love H&M cloths too :)

    u look great n cool in that dress !


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