Friday, April 18, 2014

The Kimono Fashion Craze

(source from Tumblr)
i am currently in big craze for kimono but i just can't help wondering what will others think if i drape it around me outside. 
it looks kinda like you're draping a blanket around yourself. 
but it's such a cool street wear MUST HAVE
i mean it looks so laid back yet trendy
argh, a MUST HAVE on my list no matter how 
blanket-look-alike it  is. 

things you have to know how to wear a kimono with~
NEVER wear anything loose inside. it just adds a lot of layer to your body, and it doesn't flaunt your body anymore
always go for tight tops, bralets and bustiers are the best, 
and because i can't wear bralets and bustiers out of my house 
(reason: dad would kill me)
i think a kimono helps to cover up anything that is too expose. 

These are so lovely!
the shorts and the top: oh so lovely!

kimonos come in many prints, and i really wish i can find a suitable one. 
like floral and black in color , it'll be easier to match i guess?
it's either you go wear prints on the outside and stay plain on the inside, 
or plain kimonos and stay floral on the inside
too much prints may hurt the eye



  1. Lovely inspiration!

  2. I dont' know... It's so mainstream now I do not have the desire to get one anymore... I like the long one though... more quirky

  3. Kimonos are so trendy and i really like the floral print ones ^o^
    Thanks for sharing these,~


  4. Really love kimonos! Gorgeous X

  5. I have mine purchased from Missguided and still in love with it!

  6. maxi kimono is my favorite :D


  7. maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3
    Very nice blog;) regards;)

  8. I love the kimono trend! You're definitely right, they're perfect for covering up a more daring outfit (I love them over sheer lace tops). Still need to find my perfect kimono though.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  9. is that considered as printed thin cardigan? or something like that? try looking on ebay they have pretty cheap ones, and some have free shipping too ^^

  10. i loooove kimonos! they look so cute :) i bought two a few days ago on forever 21! i am following you on gfc and bloglovin, hope that you can do the same so that we can keep in touch


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