Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Endless Fashion Boutique

hello readers, today i'll be parading a few clothes out in my post. 
haha, most important highlights for today is the velvet skirt that i love it much much from Endless Fashion Boutique 
and it even has a shorts like lining inside so that you won't worry if you accidentally slip on a banana peel and fell flat on the floor baring your underwear, LOL

plus the owner of this shop is so friendly! haha, bet you want to spend a long term relationship with her, haha

side view~
the velvet skirts comes in three different colors, 
cobalt, acid blue and dark grey (which is what i'm wearing now)

okay so here goes my OOTD

bralet: Carousell (seriously, this place is like a shopping heaven for preloved items, did i mention preloved? this bralet looks good as new!)
Velvet skirt: Endless Fashion Boutique
Shoes: Jollychic
necklace: Sammydress

tried something vintage-y 
and guess what, that is not my real hair!
it's a fake bang and fake hair extension!
i don't know but i feel that i look younger with bangs, just can't resist wearing this . 
so yeah, the bangs is from Supermodel's secret, a very renowned online shop that sells hair gadgets and beauty products just to make you look like a supermodel, lol

the cut out top is from my very own online shop!
will blog about it later~

i noticed my shoulder though, i think it looks broader, got me thinking that, i should continue swimming to achieve a nice body . 
i think broad shoulders are good because when you wear plain t-shirts, it actually looks good on you. 
of course, don't go too overboard, anything excessive is not good anyway~
swimming here i come!

second piece from Endless Fashion Boutique is this 
when i got it from the mail, i thought maybe it will look big on me, but
heck no it fits my like a glove. 
so of course, don't judge a book by it's cover, 
i think this really flaunts any women's curve, so yeah! go ahead !
do check it out

last piece is this lace white top , i thought it was a dress but it's too short so yeah, it's a blouse haha
anything lace is nice , that's what my mum say lah haha

posing together with the dead dry up plant
i feel like a lady!

and awwh, this comes together with the mail
i didn't know owner : JasJas would pick this photo. (yeah of all photos she pick this) hahaha, and my legs are like so dead long here. haha
and below was "thank you dear Ann for accept (-ing) sponsorship from Endless Fashion Boutique)

if you want a photo of yourself together with the clothes
buy rm50 above and you can get a free print out picture of you 

do check out 


another thing i want to add
i have finalize what i wanted to take in my university
mass com! here i come! no regrets although i feel a bit tempted to take up law because it sounds glamorous on the outside , tough on the inside


  1. so pretty! never thought the outcome of the velvet skirt will turn out so nice tho! anyway! all the best in taking mass com! :D

  2. visited :)
    kim tan from ~

  3. Super love your first style and that peplum dress is sooo gorgeous!! Good luck with your university course :D

  4. Aww I really love the first outfit! I really like the look of crop tops and mini skirts, so girly ^o^
    And wowww your legs look so long in that last picture! I'm so jealous HAHA ♥
    Ohh btw did you get a front fringe??? You look so pretty with a front fringe :D


  5. I love all these looks! So cute

  6. you are so fabulous and adorable! :)


  7. You look gorgeous! My favourite is the first look,

  8. I like the peplum dress ^^
    haha you wearing a wig, that's why when I first looking at the picture
    I thought something not same with you

  9. Heey hun great post,I love it,feel free to visit my blog and my new post :)

  10. your peplum dress fits perfectly --- what a beautiful piece! cute velvet skirt too, it seems to match with a lot!


  11. Hi darlin! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! All four outfits look great on you! Mass Communication is a great major! I majored in general communication studies and loved it! Best of luck girl! Following you now on GFC & Bloglovin:)!

  12. Wow, very nice dresses! You look perfect in these outfits!

  13. Love all your outfits babe! You look so pretty!



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