Friday, April 11, 2014

Seeties Getaway campaign

hi, recently i joined Seeties where it's a platform for you to share the places you have been around Malaysia to fellow Seetizens. 
They have many categories for you to write in 
their categories are: 
  • food and drinks (which is my favorite, i mean, who can't resist food right?)
  • Outdoors and attractions (also my favorite because i get to see which places that i want to visit next time)
  • Beauty and fashion (damn, this is also one of favorites, i mean, i am  A HUGE fashion lover)
  • arts and crafts
  • performing arts
  • kitchen recipies 

and guess what! they are having a GETAWAY CAMPAIGN! for you to win a a 2 days 1 night stay at either one of these private villas!
(i have never stay in any villas before, nor have i even stay in SUCH remarkably BEAUTIFUL heritage looking villas ever, nor have i ever stay in a PRIVATE villa)  

damn, i can go on and on and on, because i'm just stuck here in Alor Star looking at paddy fields, i really hope i can get a chance to see the world. 
so here are four of the AHMAZING private villas you can get a chance to stay. haha

my favorite of all: 
Berembun House, The Dusun
 in Negeri Sembilan
my mouth gap wide open
i didn't know Malaysia had such BEAUTIFUL place, it looks like one of the "top 15 places you must go before you die" in one website. haha

next is the Stable , at Melaka
very cosy looking , but i love Melaka because it is rich in heritage

Sripatum, Malihom
say what? Penang got this ?!?
i didn't even know !

and lastly is The Happy 8 Retreat, Pasir Puteh, Ipoh

okay, i think what is more important is to tell you how to WIN THIS!
yes, do not loose hope , because they are giving away 10 getaway treats instead of 1. This means you have more chances to win , so yeah , hurry hurry
closing date is 30th of April

so here's the easy step by step: 
(although it's easy i took ages to figure out everything, and only manage to blog about it now, LOL)

How It Works

  1. Post at least 1 recommendation on Outdoors & Attractions category and 1 on any category you love at Seeties platform from 2 April 2014 - 30 April 2014.
  2. Each recommendation should have at least 3 photos, interesting and helpful info, and correct locations on Google Map.
  3. The Campaign will only include Recommendations about places in Malaysia.
Tips: Can you post more than 2? Of course! The more you recommend, the higher chances you will get!

Selection Criteria of Winners

We will select ten (10) expert’s recommendation with most beautiful photos to win the getaway treats! (okay, i kinda doubt i can win , because beautiful photos? i have none T.T, but i hope i get a higher chance by posting LOADS of recommendations )

To Participate

  1. You must be a registered Seetizen Expert of Seeties, click here to join if you are not.
  2. Share and post the campaign poster with your own unique picture URL on your blog.
(just like this post! this is the part where i get entangled in my thoughts, like my own unique picture? what am i suppose to do? then i google up , and see , owh it's just something simple like this post! okay, but no copying my post yeah!)

so far i had posted about three recommendations on Seeties, gonna dig out all my old photos and start to recommend more! haha, wish i can win this, it'll be a blast! 
go join now!



  1. Amazing places! I would love to partecipate but I know that I won't be able to visit this place in case of I will be the lucky winner :/ So good luck to everybody!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. Love the pics!

    New post!

  3. Love it!

  4. omg the villas look so cozy and home-y *O* I would love to go there but y parents wouldn't allow me to participate and I don't have anything to write reviews about haha. So good luck, Ann! I hope you will win and can spend 2 days with your boyfriend there :3

  5. Wow, this makes me really wanna visit!! :)
    Beautiful place, love this post!

    Stay tuned to my page for future updates!

  6. What an amazing giveaway, it would be amazing to stay at this paradise! Thanks for sharing dear :)

    xx Debbie

  7. Wow awesome photos! Good luck! :D

  8. Beautiful places!


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