Friday, March 28, 2014

Online store galore

Can't believe i have been lagging off my blog for one empty week, felt a bit guilty but here's some nice pictures to cover up my guilty week. haha

check what i'm wearing 
1. Burgundy colored hat: OASAP

2. Floral rompers: My online shop, Fash Grace

3. heart printed pantyhose : Persunmall

4. fashion wrist watch : Born Pretty Store

5. my favorite of all, fashion gradient colored hair extension: 

i have been dead busy this whole week, i went on a holiday to Thailand for three days, came back and have to deal with SO MANY THINGS!
on tuesday i received three parcels, 
1. Hishop Dental care
2. My fashion online store's stock has arrived! (wee i'm so excited )
3. my sponsored wear-for-fashion watch has arrived

and i have to organize all my stocks and photos for my upcoming online store that is going to launch this April's Fool day. 
No kidding, it's not a scam, i'm just choosing that day because it's easier to remember anyway~ 
and do you like my floral rompers? i'm selling it at my shop! 
i think i really like rompers than dresses because it's easier to walk around without fearing that you may sit and open your leg to wide and flaunt something we don't want to see in public. 

okay and i have fallen BIG LOVE for this gradient color hair extension from OASAP!
it doesn't look fake at all on me! mine was BROWN AND BURGUNDY color because brown may camouflage against my hair so it won't look that fake anyway. 
and oh! the material is dang good , it doesn't feel like synthetic hair anyway, it just feels so natural . (no i'm not saying that just because i got it for free anyway, it's honestly my opinion and no kidding, i wish i can go out having this hair as my real hair) 
only downfall for hair extensions is that i still haven't have the hang of it to wear it properly yet. haha, practice makes perfect i think~

Next up is the wrist watch from Born Pretty Store

there's a little problem when they ship this thing to me so it delay for a bout one month plus . I thought i won't be seeing the watch forever , but it arrived out of expectation. and i quite like how it is my perfect accessory for the day !
i know people may think  when it comes to watches, they HAVE to buy really expensive watches, just like a girl getting her first branded high end handbag. 
So they might think it's not real worth looking at low price watch , but low price watch are MORE FASHIONABLE~ and you just wear to accessorize your outfit, so it doesn't matter right?

the watch is exactly what it looks like on the model picture~
so no cheating or what so ever. haha

The actual model pic
get 10% discount at Born Pretty Store by using my coupon code :

(that's the acronym of my actual real name, haha)

Next up is this rolled brim hat from OASAP
ever since i see this circulating around instagram and online stores, i just have to grab my chances since OASAP is having sales on this hat. 
and because i think is ridiculous to wear hat outside in my remote area, i have to wait till i have the guts to actually order it. 
and so i think i might be late to catch up with this rolled brim hat trend

they have loads of colors to choose, but of course my favorite would be either burgundy or black color. nothing can go wrong with these two colors. 

want to get the products ? check it out here!


before i would like to end my post
i guess it's nice to write something about my daily life

i just gone through my first day of work as a hair product promoter at Tesco
i thought it would be something worth trying since i really do want to break out from the box and see what i can do with sales other than looking at students trying to saw their violin into half
turn out it wasn't what i am hoping for
standing 10 hours the most, 
literally attacking EVERY and SINGLE bystanders or passerby  who go to Tesco
as a matter of fact, i think working INSIDE tesco would be much more approachable because there will be PEOPLE who buy groceries from time to time
but we're selling hair treatment vouchers, something that may sparks "is this even for real?" on every people's first impression
i have to wear a really thick skin and bombard people with my flyers and talked like i was programmed ready to speak repeatedly at every person i approached. 
most of the time i felt like it was not me at all, attacking people with no mercy and literally begging them . 
and most of the time the coordinator would instruct me and tell me what i should not say and tell me my weakness and i felt like a fool anyway
in the end i DID manage to hit my target at the very last minute!
oh i can kiss the couple thankfully because the last target i hit, i had a double commissions~

haha and mum came too to support me but she bought the wrong product, she bought the skin care treatment voucher so the commission was not counted anyway
i spent the whole 8 hours only looking forward having dinner with Dan
the 45 minutes break seem like 5 minutes only 
and after that the pain for both of my feet had start to dig in to my spinal chord
dang it was the LONGEST 5 hours ever after that!

got back home, messaged the coordinator and apologize that i will have to quit. 
the end

one thing i know, this is NOT the job i am going to work next time in the future, 
time to rearrange my courses for my studies soon~



  1. that hai is so cute :)

  2. cute photos! love all of the accessories!

  3. Nice watch. Cute floral dress. You wear very pretty outfits.

  4. wow! so excited for your shop!! If you may, please make a post about how to start your own shop; I've always wanted to become involved in fashion, too! <3


  5. Gosh super love the floral romper on you! And it matches so nicely with the heart printed pantyhose :D So dainty <3 And yeah, the hair extension really looked natural on you! :o At first glance I actually thought you dip dyed your hair. Hahaha! Cute :)

    Anyway, it sucks that your first day of work turned out to be like that. I've experienced that many times too. And I hate when that happens because I feel bad quitting after working for only 1 or 2 days :\ But I didn't wanna suffer anyway so I had to do it. Haha! Hope you find a better job (if you're looking for one) soon! :) At least now you know which jobs to avoid in the future ;)

  6. I love rompers as well, they're really easy to wear but they make it look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit. I'd wear a romper over a dress any day. :)

    Sorry your new job turned out being so crappy. It's great that you tried something new though. If you keep trying new things, you'll find something that will be the perfect fit for you.

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  7. You look gorgeous, love that dress! And your hair looks amazing!

  8. You look adorable in that dress with that gorgeous hair(extensions) !
    Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  9. You look so pretty, love the cute hat and floral look. May your week be filled with calm & creativity.

  10. I love your tights, super cute!
    Cute blog!


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