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My Make up look from Luxola is an online beauty store that sells make up and beauty products like every girls' dream . It's like a shopping heaven there and yes, their service is undeniably good. 
I was amazed at how fast the parcel reached me just after i had selected all my favorite items from Luxola . 2-3 days later, i had this very protected parcel arriving at my house with all the double bubble wrap to protect all my beauty items. 

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The beloved parcel~ 
Luxola handpicked a few exclusive products from some of the most sought after international brands . They have a wide beauty range of products from Anna Sui , Becca Cosmetics, Beauty Blender (oh my love), Modelco, Crazy rumours, Rachel K cosmetics, to Zoeva. 
Most of the brands that cannot be sought outside can be found here that's what i love about it. 

what's in the package~ they really wrap it up so well, so you don't have to worry if it's damage or something. 

Another layer. haha so many layers. even the bubble wrap is like 2 layers thick over it. 

Unwrapping everything. 
You'll see a lot of products here but today i'll be focusing more on make up. 
i'll be breaking this to 2 or 3 parts. One for my beauty post, another for my make up post and another for the ultimate awesome BEAUTY BLENDER! i have to make the beauty blender an individual review post because i feel that this is really a very popular product , so i wanted to review this thoroughly . 

Blusher is very important to me because it adds color to your skin. I always think that even if you have foundation on your skin making it flawless and everything, you still need to add in a little color even though it may darken your skin tone. I personally do not like pale skin, a little blush is just to make your skin alive again. 

I've chose this because it has a very high rating for it and furthermore, there are so many good reviews for it. I was tempted to try it . 
Alot of people had chosen the cream blusher palette , but i am not really a big fan for reddish tone. I favor peachy tone color so i picked this Pumpkin series. 

Blush By 3 from Sleek Make up (Pumpkin) 
the lovely colors! Continue to scroll to see my full review on this. I have fallen in love with all three of the colors!

The colors,
you can actually blend them together and it forms another color ( :

Next up is Laqa & Co lip duo. 

It also received high ratings for it and i've selected it because i want to stop using my peach lip tint all the time. haha. Okay the lipstick is very mini, but it's really bite size cute! travel friendly perhaps? 

and the color is so shinny shimering~ 
so let's start my review on this!


I Tried the lighter pink lipstick
sorry abit worn out. haha
this proof that i keep using them ever since i got them 

i applied it. 
Like literally just ignore the fact that i look sleepy here. 
anyway, the scent of the lipstick, (yes i can't help smelling it because every lisptick has a smell) it smells like herbal tea or something ==
but anyway, the color is so striking!
it's really high in pigmentation just like they said so

contrast against my skin tone. 
When u wear your lipstick this color, 
do note to wear something suitable for your clothes too! haha, i am picturing pastel pink clothes (don't go dark pink , it totally clashes) or white, anything that is light and pastel shades will do fine. 

Next i'll be pairing this lipstick with this blusher shade number 1 (i labeled it)
i like this best of all three because it's neither on the pink side or the orange  side. it's like an in between color shade. 

Under low light~

and a selfie shot of me (: 
i call this look the pastel looking look. 
the color for the blusher is quite soft looking and it really suits me. I hearts this shade the minute i had it on my cheeks. 


The second lipstick : a darker shade of pink. 
it looks a bit purplish 

I can't tell you how much i like the stick. it's big and easy to apply. and you don't need to reapply it incase you're afraid it looses it's color after a few hours
trust me, i went to Penang one whole day, ate,drank, even slept with my pillow against my mouth, the color still stayed  on ~

This color is even vivid than the previous one. Very striking

I tried the second blush which is more pinkish . 

But it turn out quite soft looking, i was afraid it might clashes with this lipstick color but it works well. this is under flashlight
(i know the pictures of what i'm wearing may confuse you, but i changed a lot, so don't worry i didn't mess it up)

And this is under normal lighting. 
Selfie number 2 
i'm a pink vixen! This lit out my face~ i feel so girlish wearing this blusher together with the lipstick. 


Look number 3 with the third shade of blusher
The orange monster is here! haha unleash it! 
i am a big fan of peachy shade, i think it goes well with my skin. 

Under normal lighting. 
I like this very much, it looks like sunburn skin. I have another idea in mind for putting the blusher at. 
swipe it across your nose in horizontal line instead of swiping up your cheekbones. 
This is for the sun beach look which is quite suitable if you're using a peachy shade of blusher. 

Selfie number three. 
Do i look a bit sunburn there? haha

Three different looks
How do you like to get the look?

Well, i have a great deal for my readers out there who are interested in shopping in Luxola

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