Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Style Advisor for Glasses Online

Chinese New year is coming soon and of course it's everybody's job to seek out for great outfits 
and because our weather is so hot these days, we need a pair of nice shades to pair up with our new outfits. 
what say you?

shades or sunglasses are essential to all of us. just like a hat covers our bad hair day
shades cover our bad 'face' day. i once had a swollen eye for wearing  double eye lid sticker for extreme long hours.  so from that day onward, i didn't manage to wear that sticker anymore unless i want to end up getting a football eye again. so i wear my sunglasses all the time to protect my eye and also to cover my 'unappealing' eyes. 

This year Chinese New year i am collaborating together with Glassesonline.com.my
as a stylist adivsor to create an outfit together with their Chinese New year glasses. 
i'm always a girly girl so i chose something quite formal looking and i think the the gold brim of the glasses goes well together with the rings and earrings plus necklace. 
red is essential for CNY so i make the red color as a theme. 

There are also some outfit i put together which can be pair with other glasses from Glassesonline

 this Bikkembergs  look pretty chic to me ( : 
i always like shades that doesn't really have this jet black look . i think jet black shades look a bit mafia-looking to me, so i always opt for something like a lighter shade. 
and o ya this Bikkembergs is for men . 

i really like Glassesonline because they are selling a lot eye wears that it seems quite hard to find it outside. Not only do they sell glasses, they even sell contact lenses and eye wears for sports. All their items are at their best price . 

till then , have a happy shopping moment with Glassesonline
( : 
and now for my readers! i present to you this awesome RM20 off gift voucher (minimum spent of Rm100)

do check out the wonderful glasses on sale here

Glasses Online official wesbite (Malaysia) : www.glassesonline.com.my
Glasses Online official website (singapore) : http://www.glassesonline.com.sg/



  1. Dear Ann,

    your look really got the CNY feel! :D

  2. So nice combination :)


  3. Lovely picks! *A*
    Loving your polkadot skirt btw<3<3

    I nominated you in Liebster Award 2014! Make sure you check it out in my blog,

  4. fantastic post! those glasses are superr cute :D

    hope we can follow each other :D
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  5. Great post! Followed back dear;)

  6. Nice post, the green skirt is beautiful!
    - Regando mi cactus

  7. Super congratulations on the collaboration!!! That's awesome. I love your CNY fashion inspiration boards. That tartan dress is so pretty. Love red.

  8. Omg this is soo helpful for me, especially because I summer is coming around and I never know how to properly pair my outfits with my glasses...-___- Congratulations on the collaboration!! :) Btw, I'm holding an international giveaway, and thought you'd like to check it out ^_^
    -Misha | mishalulu.blogspot.com

  9. Hi Ann, just wanted to drop by to reply your comment on my Blush By 3 post. :)
    Since the Sweet Cheeks palette is the only one with cream blush, and only the cream blush can be used for lips, i don't think it's recommended to use the powder blushes from other palettes on your lips. ^^;;


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