Monday, January 13, 2014

How i self shoot myself

well i been expecting a lot of clothes arriving this month because there are so many collaboration between a lot of clothes company recently. but today i'm mixing and match everything that seem likable and hey! it works!
*All sponsored except the shoes*
Floral top : Persunmall
brown bag ( my favorite of all) : Persunmall
skirt : Eastclothes

do visit them if you like the clothes i'm wearing ( :  

so how do i snap this? 
1.Tripod stand and self timer!! self timer i suggest 10 seconds will do. you will have time to run to your position and breathe!
2. you must always put it at the same angle of your position! no 45 degree, no 90 degree, it makes you look either too short or too unnatural. 
3. you must make sure the distance between where you gonna stand and where the tripod is must be far far away till you are sure your shoes can be snapped on too. 
thats all, 
4. other than that, keep trying an error until you get the right one! ( : 
practice makes perfect

sorry about my face, i am too lazy to make up. 
Chinese New year is just around the corner, like another two weeks!
i don't know why but i think it is just too early for me to celebrate it yet!
and the atmosphere is not that lively like last year. 
but at least i have my chinese new year clothes ready

who's celebrating it?
in Chinese culture, it is advisable to wear RED to symbolize prosperity and good luck!
so when you think of Chinese New year, DO wear red! 
black is a jinx and will bring bad luck, i know is just a superstitious belief, but hey!
who wants to be the odd one out right?
at least wear a red belt and red shoes to pair with your black outfit!

the bag is just so cute! i bring it everywhere i go now. 
My part time job as a violin teacher had officially started just last week! and i brought this bag which is so convenient for me to carry~
sad to say i won't be earning much this month, 
but i will earn like a fat emperor (nah, i'm exaggerating again)  after March because till then all the students will be in my hand.  

i will officially state that i am DONE with skater skirt and be SO in love with this  skirt!
i like how it is still so girly and twiggish ( is that even a word?) haha

so i haven't been doing anything at home 
9 months break is really too much to bear and i only worked for 2 days a week, 
i mostly stay at home and play tetris battle non stop. 
currently rank 92 but i'm still working on it, it's quite addicting because you got that urge to keep playing to make your rank reached maximum level
other than that, i talked on the phone with Dan (somebody bought an iphone 5s so he had free phone call every month)
quite boring right ? 

so i am OFFICIALLY opening my PRELOVED clothes shop online!
if you don't know what is preloved , preloved is secondhand clothes
but trust me, i only sell those clothes which is still in good shape and condition

yay! look at my backside! (LOL)
okay i wanted to sell my clothes off because

1. i have TOO many clothes in my closet, (i have three closets and 10  clothes drawers)
2. i want some money to get new clothes? haha 
3. i am so bored at home i had grew mosses over myself (again, exaggerating) this will keep me occupied ( : 

and i will start this soon (maybe next week?) haha i still haven't get my head straight how the payment can be done and the postage billing and all that yet. 
but the pictures are good to go~ ( : 

one last picture! the floral top is also a Peplum top, but hey! who says you need to wear it the peplum way? 
it's kinda too big for me so i stuff it in this skirt and i like it ( : 

tomorrow going to buy pin number to apply for my university ( :
and night, i'm  going to funfair which i hope it is still there 

visit Persunmall official site :
       Rosewholesale               :
         Eastclothes                           :
         Ann: the monolid girl (my page ( :  :



  1. I like ur outfit a lot! So sweet eh

  2. the skirt looks nice on you dear. :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  3. nice! u have your own style there :)

  4. Cute outfit, I love all of it, but that's not a peplum skirt. The word peplum specifically refers to an overlapping fabric piece on the top of a skirt or bottom of a shirt, ie. looks like a second skirt on top.

    1. oops! my bad ) : i re-corrected it , thanks for telling me ( : :

  5. But then my question is: How did you self-shoot yourself? Are you using tripod?By the way I love the way you write, so humorous hehe~

    1. hi dear, sorry if the title is so misleading ) : i add in a few tips above so that it be relevant

    2. Dear Ann,

      Haha it's okay! I got your tips now hehe~~
      Thanks for visiting my blog too! Waiting for your preloved store :D

  6. Super cute!<3<3
    I think you're much prettier when you wear no makeup anyway (:

  7. Cute look dear...

  8. Great outfit Red looks great on you :)

  9. You look so lovely! It's so great that you take the pictures as well, they look great!!

    I really like your blog and I am now following you on GFC!

    I would love for you to follow back

  10. Thanks for these tips about how to make good pictures of yourself. I remember when I tried to make a photo of myself and my legs looked HELLA short lol. I promised to myself to never make any outfit photos of me again XD
    Congratulation to your new job as violin teacher, it sounds so nice to do that and earn a lot of money! I'm looking forward to your preloved clothes online store :3 Thanks for sharing, Ann!


  11. Love the outfit!! Great tips. :)

    xo - Sheila

  12. thanks for sharing the self shooting guide! =D

  13. Stunning!

  14. Beautiful skirt and top !
    I follow you :-) Please follow me back :-)



  15. Great outfit!Beautiful)Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  16. You look fantastic, super cute skirt and very pretty top. I am so grateful for your insightful comments. Have a great week ahead hun!

  17. Great tips! And I like the outfit ^^ Do you want to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? Let me know!

  18. You look cute and nice, I love your outfit. I efer try it with a self-timer and accidentally it didn't show a good picture-well I look very silly-_-

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  20. Great outfit! Beautiful top!

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    Have a nice day!

  21. You're so pretty! I love your style AND your blog! Gonna follow you now :) thanks for you comment on my blog! <3 xx

  22. I really like the bag XD I like brown colour so I adore any brown coloured things! You look beautiful! :) xx

  23. I'm half Chinese so I know that everyone must wear red in Chinese new year !
    Love the outfit xx

  24. Cute collaboration

  25. You are so adorable! I am a sucker for leather bags (Sorry PETA) soo I am absolutely favor your bag whether it is synthetic or real leather. I am also a floral item hoarder, basically I like anything floral from tshirt to scarf to belt or even boots! I feel like I will enjoy your blog and I look forward to more of your posts.

    Following you.

    Cheers love

  26. Happy new year darling. And you sure dont need any make up. You look lovely. Thanks for the tips. I am gonna buy a tripod. Its high time. I am tired of being dependent on others for pics.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  27. love your bag !! so pretty look dear ^^

  28. Thanks for the visit huny. You look wonderful.

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    Lovely outfits! are you based in Alor Star now?


  30. nicee!! i like your top! <3 :)

  31. That top and skirt are both so pretty. And your legs are so wonderfully gorgeous and sexy. I enjoyed every shot of them SO much :)


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