Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinese New Year day one and two

Hi guys! sorry that it is two days late  but Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! As you can see my family went back to my grandma house and there are 25 of us living in one house! i cannot imagine how we manage to get some space to sleep but i'm grateful that they had let my family sleep in a room with the air cond~
it's melting over here, very hot and sweaty so i decided to pick all my Chinese New Year (CNY) clothes sleeveless. 

My Family photo! Loving mummy's camera photo quality, the color stood out like rainbow~
anyway we didn't do much during the first day of CNY
i and my cousins spent the whole day looking at the TV screen , i even went to have a little nap. I felt a bit grumpy during the early morning because my mum and my sister went back to Alor Star without me. like how can they left me here alone T_T
but then things get better at night when all of us were in the mood of snapping photos. 

Daddy's girls. Ahaha~

and yeah, all of us (Cousins) decided to repose our old photo . Look at that old photo! Then we repose it trying to look as similar as that old picture . 
I think it's quite lovely and sweet to do that, it brings lots of fun and great bonding. 
Cousins together with grandma. 

My family with grandma 

Me and my sis with my bro which is getting fatter and fatter already. 

dark horse~ lol

OOTD for that day
wearing : Jumper from a boutique at Prangin Mall
quite simple and plain, i really have no taste this chinese new year. ahah
so we went to this kite flying place and it was really nice!
there are GIANT minions! BIG Garfield and even kites that race with each other like racing cars. 
it's like an expo or something, but okay, this was the only highlights of what happen on day one~~~

Our reunion Dinner~
Although quite simple and nothing luxury, it was really nice (: 
thanks mum and dad for preparing this .
well we went back to our own home because tomorrow my sister has plans. 
so i called Dan to come to my house to meet my parents

no, this is WAAAAY beyond my expectations that my parents would actually treat him quite nice!
omegawd, i was actually pondering it, Dan even dreamt about it last night. ahaha we were all very nervous, but in the end it turn out to be smooth sailing. I told him to buy some chocolates, he came down from his car with so many things and i was like 0.0

it was the first time i actually see him dressing up kinda nice, and i was like 
"hi, you didn't even dress that nice when you go dating with me pun~~ *troll face*"
so he talked well with my parents and my sister started to get talkative again adn everything was good. 

One Shot for before we startt to eat our dinner~

okay, so after meeting my parent, we went to his shop to meet his parent~
nah, we are not nervous for that because i have met his parents for countless times already, so everything was normal and fine 

funny thing is that when he was fetching me back, i kept asking him to join us for dinner since he will be eating alone later. he kept refusing it, and i kept pushing him, i mean, when lah will be the next time for him to join us for dinner right? so since my sister already called to invite him, why not grab the chance right?
so okay, i forced him in haha, and at first it was damn awkward then later it is back to normal like everything is fine. 

goodness, my face looks like a squeezed pineapple tart *palmface*
We missed out one fellow here, which is my sister's boyfriend. 
gaga, and i was still glad my mum called Dan to snap together with us too

Family photo
dayum~ my bro's face look super funny here

Our OOTD for today
i always wish i can take an OOTD shot together with him and not to snap individual shots where after that i have to edit it and do a collage on it. 
i'm wearing a simple lace dress
like really, this year Chinese New year clothes it's so super plain and boring. 

well anyway, i hope for the next 13 days of CNY it will be less boring, haha , still today marks the day that Dan is known to my family . 

so how do you spent your CNY?



  1. Great pics!

  2. Happy Lunar New Year Annchan!! <3 You look so pretty~ And your family looks awesome!

    I envy people who have many cousins around their age; most of my cousins have born their babies alr so we're in different conditions to be able to chat about lots of things.. Both of my mum and dad is the last kid so all my cousins are much older than me.
    I miss my Ahma so bad after seeing you with your Ahma! :C When can I go see my Ahma again; no more holiday for me :CCC *oops rambling here.
    I can never imagine to bring my boy to my family as well. Must be nervous as hell! Do you have any experience in going to boy's house? I mean; of course as the gf. I'm not the chatterbox type so Idk what to do in that condition; and I hope to be able to read some words about it XD

    Xin nian kuai le!

  3. I follow you :)

  4. wow! great that your parents accepted him! :) have a great chinese new year!


  5. Same situation ahhahahha!!
    The moment my bf came down from the car and I was like "wow", haha he's never been so handsome before bwahhahaa!!!

  6. Happy Lunar Year, Ann! The food looks soo good :D

  7. So nice and beautifull blog ! Lovely ! Do u wanna follow each other ? If yes , just follow me and let me know ! I will follow u back as soon as possible

  8. Looks so festive! Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family :)

  9. You're so cute with dan ouo and your outfits are still very cute! Happy Chinese New Year!

  10. Happy Chinese New Year
    your family is so cute!


  11. Happy Chinese New year !! Looks like you had an amazing time with your family during new years!!
    I really like your romper, it's so pretty :) And omg that food looks awesome as~~~


  12. That looks like such a fun time. I do not have much family and such a gathering as yours makes me wish I had a bit more. Makes the holidays much more enjoyable. Your outfits are both really pretty. That blue color in the first one is beautiful and you are so gorgeous. Happy New Year!!!

  13. Happy both your outfits :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  14. wooohoooo! finally in a open relationship! congrats!

  15. Happy Chinese New year, cool post.

  16. Happy Chinese New Year! I love how you and your family spent CNY together<3<3

  17. Lovely pics! You have a really big family :)) And I love your outfits for both days! Sooo cute and pretty on you!

    I also joined my boyfriend and his family for their reunion dinner last Sunday. So many of his relatives came, and some of them I haven't met before so I was a bit uneasy at first. But then his cousins whom I was closer with started arriving so I felt more at ease and I really enjoyed the night :) Hahaha. Nice to see that your boyfriend gets along with your family :) Haha.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you! :)

  18. Thank you so much for sharing CNY Day 1 and 2 with us! Your family is so cute! I love that everybody stayed together. You and your boyfriend are so awesome together. That was sweet of him to bring SWEETS!

  19. lovely blog :)

  20. Gong hay fat choi!! You look so pretty in the photos. Hope the year of the horse will be great for you!! :))

  21. Aww looks like a successful family affair! Hope you have a good year ahead of you :)


  22. happy lunar new year, happy the year of the horse <3
    already followed your dear :))



  23. Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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