Saturday, January 11, 2014

Whip your hair with Beautylabo

my new supposingly beige hair which turn out to be brown. (and i even try middle parting my hair, to look different) 
okay, a lot of people would just say "why not you go to a saloon and do it the right and professional way?" yes i would opt for that too if only i have the chance, but nah, i can't. i still remember my dad threw my sister out of the house when she came back with yellow looking hair. i was afraid it would stand out so i go for a darker tone so that my dad will not kick me out of the house~ haha (hopefully)

okay, so Beautylabo is from Japan, just like Liese (another bubble dye that is more popular but the price varies between a few dollars) 
As you can see, i chose the Beige series because 

1. It's brightness is almost to the max ( i don't want to dye something that look like i haven't even dye my hair)
2. The rest of the colors look gooey to me, haha

the last time i used any DIY easy dye hair product was two years ago with Liese, 
i wasn't really cool with it because it was so uneven that the bottom of my hair wasn't even dyed. 

The inside, with powder, the water, gloves too! and the container for you to shake it and also a very step by step manual to make sure you get everything right

Please perform a skin allergy test before dying your hair`~ 
mix a drip of solution with the powder and place it on your inner arm and leave it for at least 48 hours before you move on!
if there is no sign of any allergic reaction, you may proceed( : 

The solution, 
best not to inhale anything during the process. 
Shake the solution+powder
30 times vigorously (does that sound vulgar?)and you will get something like this (picture above)
(if you're using Liese product you would just say how easy Liese was, because they only need you to tilt their solution left to right for five times? slowly and gently)

a step by step guide for you to learn

The outcome~~
well if i'm outside without any lighting and all that, my hair would just look like an ordinary black hair but then if you shine the lights on, it will become sorta like this?

Let's compare with the before and after look~
damn i think i am SOOO not gonna cut my fringe anymore, i love my long fringe! haha i can whip my hair back and forth~ (reminded me of the song by Jaden's sister,what's her name ?lol)

Last picture of the day! 
i wouldn't want to rate this product or what
to me , i am the kind of person who buy things without any regrets. 
give me a rag and i turn the rag into something else. 
give me anything and i will try to make full use of it.
although now my hair is quite dry (like a coconut husk?haha)
i think the color is more even compared to last time~

but still, get a professional if you ever want to dye your hair. 



  1. tat's pretty easy to use aye? :)

  2. Nice color, look natural! I dyed my hair using this product too! :)

  3. Great post, you look so pretty!

  4. The colour looks so lovely on you!

  5. I Love this brand!! The colour i usually use is caramel honey!!! You look pretty btw!! :)

  6. Chioooo<3
    I prefer reddish purple hair than brown hair XD tried some chemical potion to make my hair into reddish purple but it didn't last long, now I have rather brown hair.
    Love your new header :3 <3

  7. The packaging looks adorable! hahaa I also love my long fringe :P
    Love your new haircolor <3 It looks very natural!
    I've never dyed my hair before, but I would love to try it once =)

  8. you look lovely with this colour and the centre part also


  9. Hello dear, beautiful blog and amazing look :) i follow you with pleasure on GFC, if you want to pass by me :)

    kiss Tea

  10. lovely post !!
    your hair are beautiful <3
    what about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a nice day!

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  11. Nice color! Loving your new header btw<3

  12. u have such a nice hair
    i used liese b4 but the color just stay at one patch of my hair


  13. You have been great color !! Pretty !!
    Kisses dear

  14. You look so beautiful, great colour!

  15. Your hair looks super cute and you look like a model in your blog pics you know =)

    I can't believe your dad would kick you out for dyeing your hair!

  16. Hi Ann!!
    I have used this product before! It's very good.
    Candy pink, and it turned out great for me! <3

    P.s. Thanks for your comment on my blog, i'm glad you like it! :)
    I've followed you too.

  17. Nice post and your hair looks great :) ♥ visit us :)

  18. You look so beautiful, great colour! :3 I like it!

  19. I also color my own hair1 Those products look just soo cute! So different then American products. Thanks for sharing that was very interesting! XOXO, Sissi

  20. You look great. You reminded me of my hair experience. I dyed it last weekend and it all went horribly wrong, so today I tried to restore some of its former beauty… LOL Looks all right now, will share on my blog too!

  21. Love your hair! The outcome was really good! x

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  22. You look great! Fantastic hair, I like this post! : )

  23. You're really a beautiful girl! I always cannot do my hair well. Thanks for sharing so great labo!

  24. Great post! I am a bit jealous of your hair. It looks soft and very moisturized/nourished. Unlike mine which is drying up like crazy hahaha

  25. Love your hair so much dear :D


  26. You look nice:-) +you photograph really well Ann:-)
    Happy Week!!

  27. You look sooooo cute! I really in love with your hair


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