Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catwalk stage

my hair look like a limp flat lacklustre curtain.
There, i said it like a real pro~
ahaha...but you can atcually see the flare of the dress the way i twirl around.
Okay, what happen on that day was, they atcually paste pictures after pictures of us on five boards for onlookers to look.
so, in Alor Star Mall, you can imagine how many random strangers are going to look at those pictures (regardless of those pictures where your face looked like it was press onto a glass pane)

tadaa~ ann tan took her miss photogenic silver award price back home.
that was the ONLY potrait picture that they assume it was lookable to be put up in the frame.
mum say we look like we're carrying a dead picture of ourselves for our own funeral..
from left: Jesslyn Loh, Joewin, Shi Yun, Wei, mother of 2 daughters and me (i'm not married yet)
the music started, and i was the second one to go, after Jesslyn Loh. The akward moment was that there were practically half our classmate down the stage watching and trying not to laugh at you while you try hard not to fall flat down on the stage.

But there was an acceptance speech.
and i forgot to thanks all my friends who had been sitting there, waiting..waiting...waiting...for what seems like hours or the whole thing to start.
i was atcually quite touch that they atcually supported us by going there and wait till the whole thing ends.
even though some joke that they're just there to catch us fall flat on to a banana.
Dig that! ahaha


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