Friday, June 22, 2012

new friends old friends

ahahaha, thanks shi yun for this photo.
moments before we tick of to our catwalks~
anyway, i came down with a super sexy sore throat and a heavy flu three days ago..
and right now, my voice still sound as sexy as Adele (thick skin)
and to think school really is a BORE.
got teacher go in also SIENZ, no teacher go in also SIENZ
so i skipped school for three days
*hop hop hop*
Ann Tan closes her eyes and picture herself in a mediterenean sea~
aloha ~
imma going to a cruise trip this August to see some beaches and *hop hop hop*
lol~ this is the third time going on the same boat, going to the same spot, seeing the same cultural show ~
aisheh aisheh~ four of us
atcually, im getting really bored these days
super bored, i can't remember the last time im having fun~
there's a limit where you get too bored until you think too much till everything seems to go bad and
you ended up feeling sad, and unhappy~
yar, you get sad for all the wrong reason
sucks~! i find that my life is sooo SUCKISH
i know i know, i'm very fortunate ady, but like i said, i tend to overthink things too much


tadaa! that is my sexy umbrella!
the convent girls os Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid in Pra U1 Omega (not the egg brand) class!
everybody seem so happy neh?
and then i CAUGHT the culprit that stole my voice away!
our SEXY CRSIPY SPICY hot dog!
its sooo damn spicy and hot man~ i can feel that it burn my throat, but yet the crispiness let you want to eat it more

i think my blog post are getting really plain boring
well at least it draws my mood
my mood : BORING


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