Friday, June 8, 2012

Behind the scene (photoshoot)

 Hello dearest~
i did a clear big mistake today, i forgot to stick my double eye lid on for today BIG photoshoot day~=='' so my eyes look smaller..
anyway, it was pretty akward to see streams of photographers signing up. They have gadgets after gadgets, all build up like transformer.
i shiver when i saw how professional they were (will they shake their head when they see how short i am?)

Right after the photoshoot~i had to snap a photo wif my camera and upload it myself because the organiser told us 
"STRICTLY no UPLOADING the photos on FACEBOOK until 15th (which is after the award day)"
i'm sooo excited about it, but hw on earth am i going to wait till 15th=='' 7 days lol, its like waiting for a giraffe.

 me and Shi yun~
there are 30 photographers
holly, you can imagine the tension or not? posing is not easy infront of strangers >w
but thank god there was a good photographer who instruct me headfirst, telling me to pose what, and later on i felt comfortable enough to be myself again

 pity, this morning i took pain to curl my hair inwards (like how it appear on the above picture)
i put lots of SPRING CURL lotion whatever shit  i have in my wardrobe.
and by the end of the day, it becomes back straight to square again..==''
everybody was sweating hot.
and then there came a man who snap together with us too.
he started complaining (which sounded like he was scolding) the other photographers.
later did we find out that he was not even a contestant, wey~~
you have the right to blow at everyone meh? you didn't even register to take our pictures larh==''

 the judge was talking to me about how i would look better having the sun highlighting my hair.
did i mention my dress was like freaking short?
aghah, no worries, i wore a short inside, walk trough muddy grounds and even sat on a tree full of RED FURY ANTS.

 saw tat guy bending over to shoot me?
he let me see what he shot, and i was like
there was one particular pic that i love
he took it from below to make my legs look SUPER DUPER LONG AND THIN
like strip thin

there were a few akward moment where all the photographer abandon you to shoot another model...

 those were killer heels.
i was practically limping once i got it off at home..

 three babes
i just got to know the middle one~ She's 20 yrs old (she looks WAY YOUNGER, rite?^^)

atcually, this was 3/4 of the people.some have left to eat at a nearby mamak stall==''
and there was a middle age woman who come and join us as a model too!
i admire her courage and spirit!

i've learn a hell load of thing from today.
even though this morning i had a HUGE fight with my mum=='' that ruin my make up TWICE!
i love to do more action than to freeze the pose.
i did catwalks and twirls and i pretty enjoy that
(just for photoshoot, not for runways, please!)
hw come nobody suggested levitation huh?


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