Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pre-photoshoot preparation

 I am deciding on these two. i was atcually firm on the right clothes, because i purposely bought the whole thing just for the shoot..
until i realize....zzz
the organizer kept reminding us "COLOURFUL BRIGHT CLOTHES!"
and this is what shit i get for them i had to back up with one of my sister's hand me down (not even worn before yet)

 yar i knw the heels are soo wrong for this outfit, i don't have a suitable pair of shoes right now. So i guess, this outfit had to be cancelled for the moment.
i keep it for another photoshoot with a DARKER theme..
(i love darker theme more than bright summer look)

 this doesn't really look nice==''
anyway we shall see the colour contrast for tomorrow photoshoot at Taman Golf (a recreation park full of trees and greens)
it is atcually a photoshooting competition. we had to pose for the photographers (participants) to snap us and there will be award for models too.

yup, this is the place we suppose to go tomorrow~~ hope it doesn't rain /.\
this is the detail
主办单位 :青运吉打州亚罗士打市区支会资讯及工艺局
协办单位 :Cheah Photo & Video
摄影主题 :“灿烂的夏天”人像摄影大赛
宗旨 :提高年轻人对摄影兴趣及推广有益于身心的嗜好,
... 摄影日期 :8/6/2012 (五) 8.30am – 11.00am
摄影地点 :Taman Golf 休闲公园
参赛资格 :只限华裔40位
人像 :必须采用主办当局所指定人选及地点方为有效
报名费 :RM 15.00
报名截止 : 5/6/2012
联络人 : 魏传祥 012 5404873 甄如达 016 7764138
谢志强 012 4560108 陈伟杰 012 5302295
呈交作品日期 :11/6/2012 (一)
呈交作品地点 :Sunlight Color Lab / Pelangi Photo
奖励: 冠军 ~ 获得现金150 及 奖杯一座
亚军 ~ 获得现金 100 及 奖杯一座
季军 ~ 获得 现金 50 及 奖杯一座
所有参赛作品将在15/6/2012于亚罗士打广场(ALOR STAR MALL)展出,成绩将于当天揭晓
 i got another photoshoot date after two weeks from nw
and the photographer wanted to do shots like this (above) with my long skirt flying up in the air going with the flow of wind.~~
oh love, i much much love this kind of shots. Pity, i do not have that long hair to go with it anymore.

 another photoshoot that i would love to take is LEVITATION like this photo (above)
i suggested jumping while throwing my violin up in the air together. i wanted something outstanding or special to stand out from every other photoshoots.
though, i'm not a professional model (look at my height, duh!) i rather ppl take full shot of me rather than focusing on my face.
my body speaks more languages than my UGLY fat face..==''

my first outdoor photoshoot at Taman Golf~

So after various various attempts of snapping myself , i can pretty much conclude that i LOVE photshooting, because i love to pose sooo much!
i love dressing up, playing with character, all sorts of thing !!

but! i WILL hell Not do CATWALK modelling!
but i had to /.\!! this 15th, i hope i can get a 7 inches (siao) heel for me, if not everybody is going to laugh at this shorty trying to earn her spot at the spotlight

wish me luck 2molo!!! ^^ PREPARE TO GET ITCHY FROM GRASS POX AGAIN!!! ==''!!!!


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