Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Photoshoot (Ck Low)

 this is one of the masterpiece from my favourite photographer: Ck Low
i know i'm no PRO to judge a people, but from a model perspective, he make me feel at ease by telling me what to do first, to break the ice.
anyway, he won the consolation price though i think he did a pretty great job (from my perspective anyway)
they want a potrait shot, not these~

 you see, i had an ugly fat face, so if i had a potrait shot of my face, it turns up like a pig.
*snort snort*
ahaha, i do well posing better than my face expression.
anyway, today, we did catwalks and many of my classmates had those kind of
*laugh my ass off expression*
it was sooo akward and luckily i didn't fell flat on my face (despite wearing three inches heel)

 They display all our pictures out for the public to see. From Participant one to 30 but unfortunately, we aren't allow to copy our photos due to copyright.
I was pretty upset, because i DO want to keep all those photos from each and every photographers as a remembrance.
i tried to tell those photographers (that are approachable) to upload them on facebook? so that i can copy it and keep it.
ahaha, i manage to get 5 from him for the moment, 7 pictures from my mum's friend son.

 oh yeah, i love the background soooo damn much. Did i mention from this angle i look pretty tall? ahaha
i'm only five feet one and a half inch for your information.

after the award giving, the host atcually pass the microphone to each of us to ask us to make a speech.
I was tongue tied, confused whether i should converse in Mandarin or english. Just when i made up my mind to say it in mandarin, i couldn't find the words
as usual, i STAMMER again~~i make a total mess bout myself..

click that link and you will get HIS ALBUM~

This was his winning picture~~ leng hor? i think she should win Miss Photogenic (i didn't win that)

i love photoshooting!~


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