Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer photoshoot part two (Ann Tan)

 i love this photo SUPER SUPER much.
it elongates my leg making it look like i'm five feet ten
unfortunately, the photographer (Ck Low) didn't put it inside the competition becuase there's a speck of sweat on my forehead and there were a few unwanted human being in the background.
(the photographer editted it out already, so don't bother squinting trying to spot any human being at the back ) XDD
i love this picture sooo much..ahaha'

 picture by Boon Lak
ahaha, the weird thing is, i went to a coffee shop to eat . So okay, i saw this thai guy doing mee and i obliviously ate it.
then, that afternoon, i saw a familiar guy around the photo exhibition with his camera and he approaches me.
"hey, you ate my mee this morning remember?"
=='' turn out he was the photographer (so the above pic was his masterpiece)

 photo by Ng Zee
yar, it's super akward to have someone in your age group to shoot you.
what more you practically had a crush on years ago >.<''
but he didn't stick around long, most probably he sense my akwardness.
but he took this in for the competition

 another from Ng Zee~

 from Boon Lak~
the smile on my face? XDD
you see, i don't like to smile with my teeth bare because once i smile with my teeth wide open, my whole face blare open like a big rectangle pancake.
couldn't agree more right?

 photo by Zedge Teoh~
i realize each and every photographer had their own photo personality. this had a signature colour on it.
It reminds me of HDR  colour? right? right?
ahaha, forgive me, i'm no professional here towards photography

again~by Boon Lak
yar, this is the particular tree with lizard size red ants.

i had another photoshoot appointment with Wei Yunn this friday,
but out of anger, my dad scolded last week saying that i should put a stop on this 'worthless" thing.
i don't think it's worthless!!!
it's a hobby, and i can't understand why they had to be sooo conservative towards it, seeing that i do not had other hobbies like drinking and smoking


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