Thursday, July 28, 2011

very low self-estreem

Jia Wen commented on my face, saying that my face had become really big at the jawline..and it looks weird because my eyes are small and my mouth is utterly small, so practically i had a big face with small organs on it..
And i didn't know i can be soooo sensitive about it..
i've been checking the mirror through up and downs, 360 degree, and even TRY to stop eating..This is horrible, i feel UGLY

after i convince myself that beauty is only skin deep, but then any girls would like to feel pretty..vanity is not a crime, so i DO feel ugly..BIG FAT AND UGLY..
i'm going to exercise my face! i'm going to stop eating..all the fats don't accumulate at the right place..I wan shapes on my body and it grow on my FACE..
then my friends started to sing PERFECT..
i don't wanna be perfect, but i want to look nice..
but then *sigh* , with my low self-esteem, i suddenly feel happy today..i went to PCF To shop for food and i notice a guy promoting massage machine at the yeah, i went in with mummy, then mummy ask me go get her the i walk out and this malay girl promoter of the massage machine came over and ask me for my phone number..i was aghast when she pointed over to that guy, saying that he wants it..
i shook my head
I don't even know you
but then, that feeling of being haven't been ask for my phone number for ages..
AGES..i always feel that nobody will want me, that i'm not a boy magnet
that shook me
i guess
one man's meat is another man's poison


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  1. actually,i didnt see how weird are your appearance.
    why thinking negative?
    there's food for us to eat,we have the chance to have food but we choose not,cause calories,fatty oil.
    have you ever think about maybe other people, they want to have this chance but they don't have it.
    don't be too skinny,and not obesity too.
    enjoy what you got in front of you.
    (erm,just little comment lark)


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