Thursday, July 7, 2011

Butterfly Fly away

Woo hoo, i will not be bothered about that bloody copycat ady..what i know is i will BE better than her..and all she had to do is follow my footsteps..i am proud of that!
I've been very very busy these days, i don't remember when was the last time i take a look at the days are schedule by its own without any planning..i wake up, go school, take out my history book each time there's an empty period, recess with the girls, continue school, lunch with the girls, go back, have  one hour nap, go night tuition, come back and study for another two hours and sleep till the next morning..
each of these days repeat and repeat and repeat..

White cotton shirt- F & F
 White and black long maxi skirtS- Ezone @ Queensbay
straw hat- Materials @ Queensbay
white flats: Brands Outlet
rattan bag: Kiosk @ Queensbay
Sunglasses: Mona Lisa

Ooh, i've been very vain these days..
I KEEP SNAPiNG PICUTRES of myself =.=''
hope you guys dont mind


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