Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hello guys, don't i look like a real convent girl with a  nun-looking midi dress?
lol..i and my sister had the exact SAME outfit withtout bother trying it first..imagine us walking together..had a good laugh at it!

Midi dress: shop @ Time Square
Bag: Santa Babara Polo..blah..watever it is..
Bow: got it from KPM
Big competition this Saturday! State level Choir competition at RTM..i'm wearing a cheongsam and *yawn* i'm soooo frickin tired..Sir is talking big in bringing us to a CHOIR trip after our SPM..and he meant SERIOUS! at first, he make it big by saying that we can even go JAPAN or HONG KONG if we want..we got sooo excited then, today, he said we are only able to go SINGAPORE? but duh, SINGAPORE is better than nothing! i LOVE singapore..i LOVE ORCHARD ROAD!!! dang, those malls all along the road...*hungry Hungry*
but we had to think about the others..some of them might choose KL instead.
But hell yeah, it's better than  nothing anyway

Trial exam is about another month..i make a timetable to keep track of what i had done so far. i'm still left with 39 chapters and i only got 30 days? this is too much..
and oh yeah, about national service..I"M NOT CHOOSEN!! oh yeah, can you imagine me going to national service? me? ME?!? no, i wouldn't even stand for three hours..
but don't get too happy anyway, this is just the first batch..
i may not get lucky another time though..

Jamming session: I tell you! I TELL YOU! be prepared for the best song ever! of course, not sang by me..but it's from my BAND.i'm not going to tell you what song .it's gonna be a big surprise .We got a brilliant awesome coach..OMG..the world is sooo small, he turn out to be my ex-violin teacher's husband..and he is very egoistic..and talented
but if you listen too much of his torment, you get used to it..ha! and he said that my guitar..BLARGH..indirectly sucks..which i had to agree with he phone up his BEST GUITARIST and hoho..he agree to help us..and BLOW..i can't wait..
*nails bitting*

yar yar yar..what am i doing with my bum in this picture? lol..ok, this pose is weird..
kay, i want want want want want to watch HARRY POTTER!!!


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