Thursday, July 7, 2011

Exam results

I am not directly showing off my result, i am not at all happy with my result anyway..i just put it up so that i can remember future, i wil click on it and had a good moulding on whatever happen to me before..gah! i hate my english mark but i just found out only one student got 80 above for English..i shall salute that person..
I HATE MY CHEMISTRY MARK..i write and write (mostly scribbles) and bang, this is what i get for writing too much..haha..
i'm quite surprise with Physics though, i thought my physics should be lower than chemistry but i guess i'm starting to see Rainbows instead of Stars now..
1.900 for my average grading..daddy said i got an A for my overall subjects.i bet Wei Ying got 0.01 since she scored 9A+ and 1 A..

March Test, monthly tests are soo amature..first, the teachers gave you tips on what to study, then you concentrate hard on that chapter and poof, you score a jackpot and when the next real thing happen, you score a summon ticket..
my chinese is still hopeless though

i wonder why my form teacher liquid off my places in form..and oh look, i've got a B in chinese..if only the real SPM i can get this kind of marks, i'll be elated..
but don't put your bars too high,
i'm only targetting 6 A's
i'm giving exception to Physics, Chemistry, Chinese (duh!) and malay?
hopefully, i'll be able to pull my Physics to an A-
then it'll be a record..
i wonder how my brother manage to score 9 A's for his SPM..(he had C for his chinese..)
if he didn't take Chinese,he scored Straight A's..

*sigh* i can never be like him



  1. hello
    im a student f5 just like you...
    i got a senior which is very bad in english and chemistry..he got B for english and hardly pass for chemistry on trial..but hes very hardworking so he got A+ for english and a for i think u can get A+ for both...and one more thing the baseline marks for spm is very u can be like ur brother...all a's except the Chinese...good luck!

  2. woo..thank you for that comment..i'm nw anxiously waiting for my spm result, because i want to see how my hard work pays off. I really hope my chemistry will not disappoint me, coz as you said so, the baseline is very low..


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