Thursday, July 7, 2011

Faces of pix 2

I'm not wearing a wig, but if you're wondering why my hair seem to grow so fast ,well, i tied it in a way where it's hard to see it's atcually
and i wonder why my hair is still curly even though i cut the curls off..guess the perm hasn't worn off yet, i'm glad i am able to tie this hairstyle again..( : you need curly hair+thick+long enough hair to tie this to get a better long illusion..

k., that writing just spoil everything on the photo..LOL
I had been dizzy for the past days, i don't know what happen..the thing strikes again, guess i really need to have a CAT scan to check whether my brain is in the right state or not..
i haven't been studying for two hours for the past few days too..the lazy sickness caught on me and i feel like my eye lid drops each time i touch the book cover..
adding more stress is the upcoming choir competition at RTM...we had to learn new song and it ain't easy to learn new song..

This is my facebook profile picture..when it is the size of a miniature cube box, i look like i am trying to eat the air as my meals..
To all my readers, i may not be able to blog during August because of Trial exam..
let me get this straight, it wasn't only for Trial exam..

11/8- Violin ABRSM exam
14/8- Trial Exam
16/8- Piano ABRSM exam

all at one shot..this can cause a huge apocalyspe..
wish me luck not to cry infront of the examiner..
maybe he will give me credits because he sympathize me?
fat chance

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